Strategy Analytics announced: the possibility of 100 million foldable smartphones in 2025

Strategy Analytics announced: the possibility of 100 million foldable smartphones in 2025

Strategy Analytics announced: the possibility of 100 million foldable smartphones in 2025

News unit Strategy Analytics Research Institute, on Monday 10 February 2020 (Bahman 21, 2018), while providing statistics on the supply of foldable smartphones in 2019, he also predicted the growth rate of this product market in the next few years . According to the experts of this institute, the number of foldable smartphones released in 2019 was less than one million devices, but it is estimated that this amount will reach 100 million devices per year by 2025. Currently, the high price, low performance of the screens and doubts about the durability of these devices are among the factors that, according to this report, prevent the flourishing of the foldable smartphone market, which is expected to be resolved in the long run.

As said, Strategy Analytics predicts the number of foldable smartphones to reach 100 million units by 2025. The figure proposed by this institution for the supply of this product this year is also 8 million units, which is a great leap compared to the supply in 2019 (ie, less than one million units). Of course, it is impossible to predict the trends and fluctuations of an unstable and unpredictable market like the mobile market.

But even if the supply of 100 million foldable phones in 2025 is not quite accurate, according to Ville-Petteri Ukonaho, director of Strategy Analytics, in the next decade foldable smartphones will grow the fastest in They will have advanced smartphones. Neil Mawston, CEO of Strategy Analytics, sees one of the most important advantages of foldable smartphones in the way they are designed. According to him, folding smartphones – despite their relatively small size – can accommodate a large screen.

Forecast of the global supply of foldable smartphones from 2019 to 2025

Ken Hyers, another Director of Strategy Analytics, regarding the most important Brands producing foldable smartphones say: “In 2019, Samsung It was the number one seller of foldable smartphones in the world, followed by Huawei placed in second place. Samsung dominates Western markets, such as the United States, while Huawei focuses on the domestic Chinese market. Competing brands – such as Motorola and TCL – have released their new models. In 2020, they are looking to get a share of the foldable phone market. According to Haiers, by 2025, all major players in the smartphone industry – including Apple – should offer folding models in their product portfolio.

Leadership of Samsung in the smartphone market The folding takes place while the company failed to release its first folding smartphone (ie Galaxy Fold) according to the schedule and on the scheduled date. Mate X – the first Huawei folding phone – has also had ups and downs before Reaching the sales stage experienced. Apart from Samsung and Huawei, only Motorola and TCL are named as new entrants to the foldable market in 2020, according to the Strategy Analytics report. Now, we have to see if another brand can produce at least one foldable smartphone (with half the functionality of Samsung and Huawei phones) by the end of this year.

It is interesting to know that Samsung recently announced on February 11, 2020 (22 February 2018), during the Samsung UNPACKED event in San Francisco, its latest foldable smartphone called Galaxy Z Flip unveiled. Unlike the Galaxy Fold – which folded horizontally – the Galaxy Z Flip folds vertically. You might think that Samsung, being a pioneer in the foldable phone market, will always be the first and no other brand can reach it. But just like the 5G phone market, it doesn’t really matter which brand leads the way. For example, Apple has not produced any foldable smartphone yet. , but surely with the evolution of this technology, Apple has also entered this field and maybe foldable iPhones will be more popular than Android competitors.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Of course, according to some experts, Apple’s entry into this market is not guaranteed. It is true that the number of Apple patents related to the production of this product is many, but it does not mean that we will soon see foldable iPhones on the market. Apple will produce a foldable smartphone only if it can say something different and stand head and neck above other similar products with its creativity. For now, these notions are just a big “if.”

According to Yokohama, there are many hurdles to overcome in the foldable smartphone industry, including high prices, low-performance bendable displays, and skepticism about the durability of these products. The question is whether the life of hinges or screens of such phones will reach more than a few months? Of course, according to Yokonahu, these problems are not insurmountable and it is expected that they can be solved in the coming years.

An important point that may be overlooked in this report is that Strategy Analytics does not specify what it means by “foldable device”. The examples mentioned in the recent report – namely the Galaxy Fold and Mate X – consist of a large display that folds inwards. But the future products of Microsoft like smartphones Surface Duo and the Surface Neo tablet – due in the last quarter of 2020 – are among the folding devices that consist of two screens. Strategy Analytics did not mention these types of foldable devices and apparently these types of devices were not considered in the institute’s forecast. While some experts believe that Microsoft’s folding devices (which are actually a joint product of Microsoft and Intel) have the chance to dominate other similar devices by 2025.

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