Sony’s unveiling of the DualSense category; New PlayStation 5 console controller

Sony’s unveiling of the DualSense category; New PlayStation 5 console controller

Sony’s unveiling of the DualSense category; New PlayStation 5 console controller

One of the heads of Sony named Hideyaki Nishino from the new category gaming console Playstation 5 unveiled which uses the name DualSense instead of DualShock 5. According to this senior Sony official, the DualSense controller has already been sent to game developers to use the technology used in the new PS5 controller in PlayStation games. use 5.

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According to Nishino, this controller has a stronger connection with the gamer and enhances the feeling of his virtual presence in the world of video games. In fact, he believes that the detailed three-dimensional sound produced by Tempest 3D AudioTech PlayStation 5 combined with DualSense features make the PS5 better than Always immerse the audience in the games. Nishino sees DualSense as a product that, while maintaining the appropriate features of DualShock 4 (console controller Sony’s PlayStation 4), improving it and adding more features to it was created.

DualSense from Haptic Feedback uses and therefore has far more accurate and understandable vibrations than DualShock 4; For example, in a new racing game, Haptic Feedback makes the vibration applied to the user’s hand exactly remind the movement of the car on a dirt road, sand or asphalt. Also, the controller in question uses Adaptive Triggers for L2 and R2 buttons. A case that causes the player to feel the difference between aiming and shooting with a bow or firearm, and the reduction and increase of tension.

In fact, when you hold a bow and pull it for the main character It’s not easy, Adaptive Triggers require more pressure from your fingers to aim that bow; Without doing so excessively or in an annoying way. What’s more interesting is that both of these features can be completely customized by game developers, and thus we can hope that they will be used in more creative ways than their normal form in the coming years.

Sony’s senior official explained the changes applied to the lower parts of the controller compared to DualShock 4. These changes are very minor. He further explained that the angle of some parts of DualSense has changed slightly compared to the PlayStation 4 controller. It seems that while adding new features to DualSense, its weight has also been kept as low as possible, and this time Sony has been more careful in designing the controller’s battery. Regarding the battery, it has been said that due to the USB-C port of the controller, it is charged at a higher speed than before.

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Xbox Series X console controller inspired by that category Added the Share button, DualSense replaces this button with another button called Create. A button that, in Sony’s opinion, will give the gamer the opportunity to create interesting and new visual and video contents of the games, along with the software capabilities of the PlayStation 5. Hideyaki Nishino says that he will share more information about the special features of this section with users as we get closer to the release of the PS5. This time, it should be placed on the top and sides of the touchpad and be seen more and better. Also, Sony says that it made this controller after trying hundreds of different designs and allowed many gamers with different hand sizes to try it. This makes this Japanese company confident in its efficiency, universal usability and convenience.

PlayStation officials consider the DualSense controller to have the best ergonomics among the controllers of this platform to date and hope that players will quickly When experiencing games, they see it as an inseparable part of their hands. Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, explained:

DualSense is a major improvement over what was offered by our previous controllers and represents PlayStation’s desire to truly move into the next generation with It’s PS5. This controller, along with other creative features of PlayStation 5, will transform the gamers’ experience of video games over time; PlayStation always likes to push back the boundaries of “gaming”. To the fan community, thank you for sharing your excitement for the PS5 release in Holiday/Late 2020; Because they are busy walking this path with us. We look forward to sharing more things about PS5, such as its appearance, with you in the coming months.

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