Sony apologizes for the misunderstanding about the PlayStation 5 audio recording capability

Sony apologizes for the misunderstanding about the PlayStation 5 audio recording capability

Sony apologizes for the misunderstanding about the PlayStation 5 audio recording capability

Not long ago, the release Version 8 update of PlayStation 4 became news. One of the features of the new update of the 8th generation Sony console, introduced for group chats, warns gamers that their audio chats may be recorded and reviewed by Sony.

It seems that it is possible to record conversations in chat rooms to the PlayStation 5 console, and in fact, it will be included with the 9th generation console when it is released. Such an issue has worried users about the possibility of eavesdropping and has caused many reactions. Now, according to the latest news of the game, Sony has been forced to clarify in this regard and has said that the PlayStation 5 console is not going to record users’ voices. Sony officials apologized for the misunderstanding and explained how the feature actually works in chats.

In a post published on the official PlayStation website, Catherine Jensen, international vice president of customer experience from Sony’s interactive entertainment division. , explained that players can report verbal abuse from other teammates to Sony by using the voice recording feature in group chat. Gamers will be able to record the last five minutes of their conversation with another person and send it to Sony’s customer experience department so that the abuse watchdog can make a decision about the offending player.

The message that appears on the console screen during a group chat about the possibility of recording the players’ voices can be legally have problems; Because, for example, in some US states or countries around the world, it is illegal to record someone’s voice without their consent. eavesdrop or monitor you and is intended exclusively for reporting verbal harassment.” He then adds that no user can disable this feature on their console. This feature will be available to everyone to ensure that if someone is harassing someone else, they will be held accountable for their actions.

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Now with this comment from Kathryn Jensen, we can be sure Let’s say that Sony is not spying on users through the PlayStation 5 console. Previously, Microsoft introduced a similar controversial feature in the early days of the Xbox One console, mostly related to the voice recognition capabilities of Kinect . It was relevant. This feature made the console turn on with the user’s voice command. However, Microsoft’s Kinect policy has changed. The Redmonds abandoned the mandatory release of the Xbox One console with Kinect, and it seems that its failure caused the new generation of Xbox Series S and X Series consoles to not have such a camera either.

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