Some owners of Google Pixel 6 series phones have reported cracks on the screen of their device

Some owners of Google Pixel 6 series phones have reported cracks on the screen of their device

Some owners of Google Pixel 6 series phones have reported cracks on the screen of their device

In an ideal world, expensive technology products usually do not have any special problems and have perfect performance, and we do not need to report a special case about these types of products. Unfortunately, the real world is different from the ideal world, and apparently expensive products sometimes have problems. Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are among these devices that are now facing display problems. Recently, some owners of this product have reported that cracks have appeared on the front glass of their Pixel 6 phones, and there is no specific explanation for this occurrence.

According to Android Police, a large number of owners of Google’s flagship Pixel 6 series phones are reporting their dissatisfaction with the product on Reddit and Google’s support forums. have published Pixel 6 Pro, which is the more expensive model of Google’s new flagship, uses a curved display and various problems have been seen in it. Of course, the normal model of Pixel 6 is not without problems and the owners of this device have also raised various reports about the failure of this model to work properly. The screen and the back of both models are covered with Gorilla Glass Vectus; The material that is said to be the hardest glass used in smartphones. But apparently, the use of Gorilla Glass did not prevent cracks on the screens of these two devices; Because in most of the samples, the crack has started from the corner of the screen of these two products. Also, it does not seem that the reason for creating these cracks is the use of protective phone cases.

Spontaneously creating a crack on the screen of these phones is usually caused by a small defect in the construction of the device; A problem that caused a crack on the display glass by putting pressure on it. Temperature changes can also be one of the reasons for cracking the glass of Google Pixel 6 series phones. It’s likely that this glitch only exists on a few Pixel 6 phones, so if you’re one of the owners of Google’s new flagships and it hasn’t happened to you yet, there’s no need to worry. If the screen of your device is also cracked, unfortunately you are one of those unlucky users who bought one of the problematic models because probably very few of this product have encountered this problem.

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According to complaints reported by Pixel 6 buyers , it doesn’t seem that Google has confirmed this problem so far and instead it seems that Google considers Pixel 6 owners to be the cause of this problem and this is also not a warranty issue. Google’s response, published by one of the company’s disgruntled customers, is as follows:

Screens just break.

This means that users have to pay for the replacement of the screen themselves. to pay Some users have also found that carrier insurance claims will understandably replace the entire phone instead of just the screen at an additional cost.

According to some reports, Google has announced that it is actively investigating this issue, so we hope that if it is confirmed that a technical defect is the cause of the crack on the Pixel 6 series phones. is to provide more transparency for current owners and free replacement devices. According to the available reports, it is unlikely that this issue is caused by user error.

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