Simultaneous display of two windows of a program with Huawei’s App Multiplier feature and the presence of USAian apps

Simultaneous display of two windows of a program with Huawei’s App Multiplier feature and the presence of USAian apps

Simultaneous display of two windows of a program with Huawei’s App Multiplier feature and the presence of USAian apps simultaneously opening two applications together, including These are features that have been provided for a long time thanks to the extensive multitasking capabilities of smartphones in many models, but when it comes to opening two different windows of the same application, the story is different and a comprehensive solution in this field has not been provided by most operating systems. The solution to this problem is in the App Multiplier feature of the Huawei user interface. It lies where it can be used in many daily scenarios with the need to open different parts of an application together, and now some USAian applications also support this feature.

Getting to know App Multiplier

Before everything is better Let’s get to know this feature and its use a little more; While using different apps, especially the ones that deal with viewing or checking items, you feel the need to put these items together and compare them. In this situation, apart from the apps that provide the possibility of comparison, there is no other choice but to continuously move between the pages to see the specifications of each one, and this issue, at least in terms of time, is not very beneficial for the users.

App Multiplier feature in Huawei user interface, which is for foldable phones And the tablets of this brand are available, designed exactly to meet this need, where, thanks to the wider screen space, separate parts of an application can be opened simultaneously on two screens, and thus without the need to switch between the screens of both. Benefit in a moment. Of course, this feature should be distinguished from the Multi-Window feature, where, unlike Multi-Window, which displays two different programs side by side, in App Multiplier, you can have two different parts and two pages of one application, independently of each. used.

How to access App Multiplier

The App Multiplier option is located in the user interface of Huawei tablets and flip phones in the Settings section; Where after selecting the Apps option, you can see the App Multiplier option. In this section, there is a list of programs that support this feature, which can be enabled or disabled independently for each one.

This possibility is available even when using the application, and at that time you can enable or disable the App Multiplier option. Another setting available in this mode is changing the window size of each page, which can be changed according to the user’s preference.

After activating the App Multiplier option for the desired application and running the application, it is enough to touch one of the internal pages of the application so that this page is on the right and independent of the main page, which is now on the left. It remains to be implemented. In this case, on the right side, you have a page at your disposal that works independently from the main page of the program.

Presence of USAian applications

This feature has been available for some applications in the user interface for some time. title=”Huawei”>Huawei has been made available, but now some USAian programs have also been added to the list of apps that support this feature. The four-platform Android application of Imals, Filmo, Tasufan, and Shipur are among these programs that provide users with two-window access with the support of App Multiplier.

To access this feature in the mentioned programs as usual after referring to In the Apps section of the Setting menu and finding these four programs, the App Multiplier option must be activated for each one.

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