Setting up a LG Innotech factory in Vietnam to meet Apple’s needs

Setting up a LG Innotech factory in Vietnam to meet Apple’s needs

Setting up a LG Innotech factory in Vietnam to meet Apple’s needs

LG Innotech set up a factory where Apple produces a camera module. This is the first time that this company produces a product for Apple in a foreign country. LG will reduce production costs by building a factory in Vietnam. According to industry sources, LG Innotech has just completed the construction of its new factory worth 230 million dollars and has started its operation on a trial basis.

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LG Innotek plans to make the main phone camera modules for Apple in this new factory to produce These modules include single and dual cameras and will be installed on the back of future iPhones. The production capacity of this factory will be 100,000 modules per day, and it seems that it will produce enough by the end of the year and deliver them to Apple at the beginning of the new year.

Apple is the number one customer of LG Innotech. . This year’s income of LG Innotek is estimated at 6.2 billion dollars, of which 3.54 billion dollars is from the sale of camera modules and the major part of this figure is related to the company’s transactions with Apple.

LG Innotek has always It has responded to Apple’s requests regarding quality, supply and price, and setting up a factory in Vietnam is another part of Innotek’s plan to increase sales to Apple. Since the personnel cost in Vietnam is only one-tenth of the cost in South Korea, this action can greatly reduce the finished product cost for LG. According to industry sources, LG Innotech has 7 active production lines in the city. Gumi has in South Korea; But they are not able to meet Apple’s demand with this factory alone; Therefore, building a new factory in Vietnam will help LG meet Apple’s needs. In the last six months, LG has hired about 700 new employees for its camera module division.

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