Sensor Tower: App Store revenue from applications in 2020 was twice that of Google Play

Sensor Tower: App Store revenue from applications in 2020 was twice that of Google Play

Sensor Tower: App Store revenue from applications in 2020 was twice that of Google Play

News unit Sensor Tower Research Institute on December 28 This year (January 8, 2019) he published his report on the revenue of mobile applications in 2020 published. According to the data of this institute, the year 2020 is the peak period of mobile apps and games worldwide, and the amount of money spent by users in this market exceeded 100 billion dollars for the first time in November this year. In the past year, the App Store has reached a new record in the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting quarantine. Because with less attendance at family gatherings and limited entertainment options, users have turned to using applications and spent money in this field.

Sensor Tower experts estimate that this trend continued during the Christmas holidays and users spent nearly 407.6 million dollars in the App Store and Google Play stores during this period. In fact, this figure shows a growth of 34.5% compared to 303 million dollars in 2019. To better understand this growth, we can compare this year’s 34% growth with 17.7% annual growth in 2019, compared to the previous period.

Expenses related to mobile apps for the Christmas holiday accounted for about 4.5% of the total spending in the final month of 2020, which amounted to $9 billion between December 1st and 27th. A large portion of this spending was related to mobile games, which increased by 27% from $232.4 million in Christmas 2019 to $295.6 million this year. In this group, Tencent’s Honor of Kings game has taken the first place with about 10.7 million dollars spent by users and an increase of 205.7% compared to 3.5 million dollars last year.

According to the published report, consumers spent $112 million on non-gaming apps this holiday season, which is a 59% increase over the previous year’s figure of $70.5 million. In addition, compared to the same period last year, this group of apps had a 4.2% higher share in overall spending.

Sensor Tower’s findings show that the top-grossing category of non-game products in both the App Store and Google Play were entertainment apps. As these programs in the App Store with 19.3 million dollars, 21.8% of the total expenses spent on non-game apps. Google Play customers have also provided 18.5% of the total revenue of this sector by spending 4.3 million dollars on entertainment applications. Among non-gaming apps, the TikTok app took the title of the top app in terms of consumer spending with $4.7 million in global revenue during the Christmas season.

As in previous years, the store Apple had a larger share of consumer spending at Christmas. With a share of 68.4% of consumer spending, the App Store earned $278.6 million in revenue, registering an annual increase of 35.2%. However, the Google store with 129 million dollars of income and increase Annually, 33% has been ranked second.

Regionally, US consumers spent nearly $130 million at both major stores this Christmas, up 38.7 percent year-over-year from $93.7 million last year, out of global store revenue growth of 6 The percentage was higher.

The game-related applications sector in the United States, like the global markets, accounted for the most revenue and increased by 26.4%, from a figure of about 69 million dollars in 2019 to 87.2 million dollars. . Non-gaming programs also saw a 72.2% increase this holiday season, from $24.8 million last year to $42.7 million this Christmas. Meanwhile, entertainment apps led the way with $9.6 million in revenue, or 22.5 percent of total spending in the non-gaming app segment.

According to Sensor Tower, among the games, Roblox has been able to win the title of the top program among American users, with an annual increase of 40.4% from $4.7 million to $6.6 million. Also, American users have spent 2.6 million dollars on Disney+ and this application recorded the best performance among non-game programs; As it has experienced a growth of 44.4% compared to 1.8 million dollars in 2019.

The year 2020 has brought unprecedented changes in consumer behavior and mobile app revenue. This year saw new records set, with both app stores taking in more than $100 billion in consumer spending. In addition, some applications have also climbed to the top of the annual list due to the existing conditions. Now we have to wait for the start of the new year and carefully examine whether this trend will continue as the Corona epidemic subsides or the conditions of the mobile application market will return to the booming, but not exceptional, era before that.

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