Samsung’s patent for making a folding tablet was seen

Samsung’s patent for making a folding tablet was seen

Samsung’s patent for making a folding tablet was seen

Certainly, after hearing about curved and folding screens, the first manufacturer that comes to every user’s mind is Samsung, but this is the first time that Samsung has decided to produce Folding screens are trying to be bigger. A new patent document recently published by the US Patent Office shows a tablet with a folding screen and keyboard.

The published image of the patent does not provide us with many details, but in general, the patent seems to have few defects, but unfortunately, this patent may also be lost among thousands of patents that never reached the production stage. Even if the patent belongs to a big company like Samsung. It is also possible that the product that finally enters the market based on this patent will be very different from the revolutionary product that we have cultivated in our minds. The case of this patent has not been published and it is not clear what materials and parts and what type of screen Samsung will use in this tablet and the only thing that is certain is that this tablet along with its keyboard can be folded. It should be noted that this patent entered the United States Patent Office on July 14, 2015, and now the related image has been published by this institution, so Samsung may have been working on this idea during this time. Now we have to wait and see if this Korean giant can solve the problem of doing this or not.

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