Samsung’s patent for a rolling smart watch – the future of the smart watch or a fantasy?

Samsung’s patent for a rolling smart watch – the future of the smart watch or a fantasy?

Samsung’s patent for a rolling smart watch – the future of the smart watch or a fantasy? Rolling smartphones, although there is still somewhere in between Smartphones in the market don’t have it, but the idea has been in the minds of designers of companies like LG and for a long time. Oppo was present and even LG before exit from the smartphone market He showed a very close to reality example of it. This idea has now entered a new field, smart watches, according to a newly registered patent named Samsung . Although the rolling smart watch, like all other patent rights, is currently only a patent and an idea that is relatively far from reality, but due to the potential evident in it, it can transform the future of the growing industry of smart watches.

Samsung’s new patent issued on the 9 Published December 2021 on the website of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and first reviewed by the Dutch website Let’s Go Digital Paid The smartwatch, or as Samsung refers to it, the Galaxy Watch, which at first glance looks like a regular watch, but This device is equipped with two screens that can be opened or closed if the user wishes. This watch is also equipped with a camera that can be used to take photos and videos.

This patent, which was registered at WIPO on June 2, 2021, is entitled “Electronic device consisting of a screen “Rollable and display method for it” and related information is compiled in a 96-page file. According to the information and pictures of this patent, the mentioned clock looks like a regular circular clock in normal state, but after rolling the device, we come across two semi-circular parts at the top and bottom. It goes without saying that this watch uses a user interface based on touch screen.

The operation of rolling and opening this display is done thanks to the thin frame that is placed between the two parts of the display. This screen is opened from the center and in its most open state, it offers a space nearly 40% larger than a normal closed screen. To open the screen, apart from the possibility of using the side circular button (Crown), you can also use the swipe action (close or move two fingers together on the screen); This is also evident in the images of this patent.

It goes without saying that the purpose of designing a rollable display for a smart watch is to access a larger space for the panel and display more information on the screen; In this case, the user interface is displayed in a larger oval space, and naturally, more information can be displayed in it. This opening can also depend on the type of running applications, so that, for example, the small and normal screen displays only basic and simple information (such as the time and date, the number of steps, and so on), and the applications installed on the watch are displayed on the larger panel.

The camera in this watch is placed in the middle frame and according to the information of this patent, it is possible to place multiple camera sensors and even flash in this part.

Rollable Galaxy Watch Samsung If true, the first smart watch was not equipped with a flexible screen and Nubia Alpha introduced a different model with a flexible screen a long time ago. Was. Samsung’s solution, however, with the possibility of rolling the screen, is considered a more advanced idea in this field, which shows a lot of difference with the Alpha model with a large screen in the form of a not so delicate bracelet.

Nubia Alpha

In this patent Samsung Apart from the design, the software options and how to use the watch in different situations are also discussed, and thus, perhaps unlike the majority In the case of other patents, a more serious plan to pursue this idea has been formed in the mind of the Samsung group. As usual, there is no information about the time and even the possibility of making Samsung’s rolling watch, and maybe we should not expect to see a watch with this design until Samsung’s rolling smartphone is realized.

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