Samsung’s new phablet named A9 PRO Galaxy showed off again

Samsung’s new phablet named A9 PRO Galaxy showed off again

Samsung’s new phablet named A9 PRO Galaxy showed off again

Late last month, specifications of a giant high-end Samsung phablet with the model number A9100 were leaked. According to the PRO suffix, a more powerful version than the normal version is expected from this phablet. Now the SamMobile website, which is one of the main sources of Samsung phone news, has published new information about this phone.

There is Samsung’s side. But according to the specifications and information that is available now, this version is certainly a more powerful version than the regular A9. One of this information is the possible use of a 6-inch QHD quality screen. while the resolution of the regular version was Full HD. Previously, the possible processor used in the A9 PRO was predicted to be Snapdragon 652. The leaked price of this model is around $360. Unfortunately, more information about this phablet is not available. We have to wait longer.

Although Samsung has sent its invitation for February 21, it is possible Introducing the A9 PRO at the same time as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE at the Mobile World Congress. Due to the size of the A9 PRO, we will probably face one of the largest phablets produced. As if Android manufacturers They do not intend to stop increasing the size of their phones, and Samsung is the leader in this field as before. Due to the features that are included in operating systems today, users also I prefer the big one because some applications are painful on the small screen. But the 6-inch size seems a bit unreasonable for a mobile phone. It should be seen how Samsung will design this phone so that it is not difficult for the user to carry and use it. What is your opinion about this?

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