Samsung’s new patent renders showcase the foldable phone’s brochure design

Samsung’s new patent renders showcase the foldable phone’s brochure design

Samsung’s new patent renders showcase the foldable phone’s brochure design

Samsung’s latest phone patent, which has finally received the seal of approval from the World Intellectual Property Organization after almost 7 months, undoubtedly has one of the strangest and most interesting foldable phone designs, which many users think will attract.

LetsGoDigital technology website has produced attractive and realistic 3D renderings that depict the final product well, using Samsung’s conceptual designs. As it is clear in these images, the right and left corners of the display of this folding phone are folded like a brochure and in the so-called Z shape, one inwards and the other outwards, so that the appearance of a normal phone, although much thicker associate In this completely folded state, the need to have an external display that was used in Samsung’s previous foldable phones such as the Galaxy Fold series is eliminated.

In the fully open state, the large, flat and integrated screen practically turns this phone into a tablet with large dimensions, which even has an HDMI output and a screen on the back and the S Pen. It supports.

Of course, the rear display is not depicted in these renders, as Samsung has not released any details about it yet. However, whether this screen is large or very small like the Galaxy Z Flip 3, with its help you can easily take high-quality selfies with the main high-resolution camera of the phone.

According to Samsung, this foldable phone uses a 4-megapixel selfie camera and a fingerprint sensor, which They are well hidden under the front screen and there are no edges or cuts called notch around it. After all, the main appeal of foldable phones is to maximize the display, and this is well represented in Samsung’s new patent.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with support for S Pen and selfie camera under the screen was introduced

But this attractive brochure phone also has an interesting problem that Samsung has mentioned in its patent. According to Samsung, a smartphone that is folded several times will face antenna problems. To solve this problem, the Koreans have thought of using a combination of several or at least two antennas in the design of the phone, one of which is placed in the left display and the other in the right display.

Although patent approval and design renderings are no guarantee for production The end of this phone is not like a Samsung brochure, you can enjoy the innovation used in this design and it was clear that Samsung will continue to maintain its position in the forefront of innovation and research and development of smartphone technology.

Your opinion What about the strange design of Samsung’s foldable phone patent?

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