Samsung unveiled a degradable frame on the occasion of Earth Day

Samsung unveiled a degradable frame on the occasion of Earth Day

Samsung unveiled a degradable frame on the occasion of Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Samsung has announced a collaboration with designer Sean Wotherspoon to unveil new eco-friendly cases and straps. Samsung’s new accessories are made entirely from recycled materials. Samsung mobile phone cases and watch straps are biodegradable, which means their environmental impact is much lower than normal cases and straps.

According to Digital Trends writes that Samsung’s new accessories include a case for the phone Galaxy S21 and band for Galaxy Watch 4. It is possible to buy these accessories from today.

Samsung and Sean Wotherspoon have focused their main focus on the design of new accessories. All the new accessories are available in green, yellow, and pink colors and feature cartoon graphics of the globe, the peace sign, and more. In addition to the band, Samsung also offers new watch faces.

Many companies tend to present their programs on Earth Day to protect the planet where we humans live, and Samsung is one of these companies; However, this is not the first time that the manufacturer of the Galaxy series of phones takes steps in this direction.

The Koreans had previously released similar accessories. Samsung is also trying to reduce the amount of electronic waste through various projects.

A few weeks ago, it was announced in a report that Samsung plans to repair defective devices of users with their consent through recycled parts in order to reduce costs and the amount of electronic waste. also be less. This Samsung plan has not yet been officially introduced and implemented.

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