Samsung recorded its highest market share since 2017

Samsung recorded its highest market share since 2017

Samsung recorded its highest market share since 2017

Smartphone makers are grappling with serious supply chain issues along with weakening demand and are struggling to sell their phones. According to PhoneArena, the company’s latest report Counterpoint Research’s research on the global smartphone market shows that in this turbulent market, one of the leading brands is somehow moving.

Samsung is one of the few brands that has grown in April 2022

Samsung’s smartphone sales rose 9% year-on-year in April as the overall market experienced an 8% year-on-year decline and hit its lowest level since the start of the coronavirus in 2022.

The impressive performance of the South Korean giant was due to the popularity of the Galaxy A series models in the mid-range market and the high-end Galaxy S22 series in the premium smartphone market. has increased Samsung in important markets such as Latin America and India; where it overtook Xiaomi last month and took the first place.

However, perhaps the biggest factor behind Samsung’s recent success is the brand’s low supply in China. The world’s largest smartphone market has been hit hard in recent weeks due to local quarantines related to the Corona virus.

These restrictions have affected demand and production. Additionally, Samsung’s small presence in China, both from a sales and manufacturing perspective, has historically been seen as a weakness; But in recent weeks, it has proven to be a strong point.

Samsung’s market share last month reached the highest level in the last five years

The sum of these factors enabled Samsung to increase its market share. 24% of the global smartphone market in April 2022. This is Samsung’s third consecutive month of market share increase and also the third consecutive month in 2022 as the number one smartphone brand in the world.

Thus, Samsung’s market share reached its highest level in five years last month. . Previously, the last time the South Korean giant acquired a larger share was in April 2017; When Galaxy phones accounted for 25% of global sales.

Not to mention when the iPhone 14 series launches in September 2022. If it happens, Samsung’s chances of being the number one brand will decrease. Apple usually outstrips Samsung in the fourth quarter and will likely do so again this year.

Apple and Xiaomi have experienced sharp declines in recent months

Apple lost 15% of the market in April took over smartphones and although this statistic is still impressive; But it is far from the numbers seen at the end of 2021, and it marks the fourth consecutive month of decline in the company’s share. However, Apple fans should not worry too much; Because every year a similar decrease is observed with the passing of the life of the previous iPhones and approaching the release of the next generation models. Also noteworthy is the fact that Apple’s 2022 iPhone SE did not increase its market share.

10% drop in the European smartphone market in the first quarter of 2022; Samsung is still at the top

On the other hand, Xiaomi accounted for 12% of sales, which is at the same level as of September 2021; But it is lower than the statistics of a year ago. The company has struggled with supply chain issues more than its rivals, and if it can’t turn things around in the coming months, it’s unlikely to come close to the performance it achieved in 2021, let alone become the world’s number one brand again.

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