Samsung overtakes Xiaomi to become the top smartphone manufacturer in India

Samsung overtakes Xiaomi to become the top smartphone manufacturer in India

Samsung overtakes Xiaomi to become the top smartphone manufacturer in India

Xiaomi It has been leading the Indian smartphone market since late 2017. While Samsung overtook Xiaomi in the third quarter of 2020, But this Chinese brand managed to overtake Samsung again in 2021. According to the results of CounterPoint’s new research, Samsung has now overtaken Xiaomi to end the reign of this Chinese brand on the Indian smartphone market and is now recognized as the top phone manufacturer in the country.

According to According to Gizmochina’s March 2022 Counterpoint research, Samsung has a 27% share of the Indian smartphone market. This means that the share of the South Korean technology giant in India has increased by 9% compared to last year. According to Neel Shah, Vice President of Research at CounterPoint, the timely expansion of the portfolio with the introduction of 5G capability in the Galaxy A series phones. , Galaxy M and Galaxy F and users’ acceptance of Galaxy S22 series and foldable flagships Samsung has helped to regain the number one position in the Indian smartphone market.

Samsung offers a wide range of smartphones including A, M and F series in different price ranges in India. This company has released about 15 5G phones at a price of 260 dollars in this country. Currently, Galaxy F23 5G with a price of $180, is the most affordable 5G phone of this brand in India is In addition, the company’s Galaxy S22 and foldable Galaxy series have performed well in the Indian market.

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Samsung had lost the first position in the high-end smartphone market three years ago. CounterPoint research showed that the Galaxy S22 series phones helped the company to overcome Apple, to become the leader of the flagship smartphone market.

Galaxy S22 Ultra in March 2022 in India alone has 74% of the market share of phones above $1,200. Considering the S22 Ultra, this company has taken 81% of the market share of phones above $1,200 in India. In addition, Samsung currently has 38% of the market share of phones priced above $390 in this country.

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