Samsung is likely to introduce the first smartphone with a sliding display this year

Samsung is likely to introduce the first smartphone with a sliding display this year

Samsung is likely to introduce the first smartphone with a sliding display this year

Samsung, if it follows the trend of the last few years, will probably unveil the new generation of foldable phones of the Galaxy Z Fold series this summer, and a new rumor says that the Koreans are looking to enter the foldable market once again. Innovate.

According to what Patently Apple writes, this year we are going to see the unveiling of a device with a sliding screen. Ross Young, co-founder and CEO of DSCC, who is one of the prominent figures in the display supply chain, has mentioned the design of the Samsung phone in question in new tweets.

Samsung considering plans to produce a device with an expandable sliding screen

Samsung seems to be considering two types of designs for its new phone. Is. In the first type, the phone screen extends from the right side and in the second type from the top. The Ice Universe account on Twitter writes that Samsung will officially unveil its first sliding screen before the end of this year.

According to this whistleblower, Samsung’s sliding form factor is currently codenamed Diamond. The video below demonstrates this type of form factor.

Watch on Youtube | Watch on YouTube

At the end of 2020, a video of a device called Oppo X with a sliding form factor was released and it was announced that this device will be available to customers in the end of 2021. Instead of launching this phone, Oppo decided to make a device called Find N to compete directly with the Galaxy Z series phones. Go to the Samsung Fold. In 2020, images attributed to TCL’s unannounced device were leaked with a sliding design, but we’ve never seen such a device on the market. Therefore, if Samsung realizes its goals, it can become the first company in the world to make such a device.

Samsung entered the foldable phone market very early and was very interested in registering its name as the first manufacturer of foldable devices in history, but an unknown company made a device to The name Flexipai was introduced by before Samsung. Samsung needs such achievements to separate itself from big competitors like Apple.

  • Samsung confirmed that it is producing rollable and sliding screens
  • Samsung is probably working on a smartphone with The flexible display is sliding

When it comes to the production of a sliding phone, Apple is not completely out of the equation. A few days ago, it was announced that Apple has started working on a type of thin OLED panel that is special for foldable devices. Technically, such a display can also be used in sliding devices. Apple has also registered several patents that seem to refer to a sliding phone. The design of one of the patents can be seen in this image .

Check Reports suggest that Samsung has been working on an expandable sliding form factor since at least 2014. In recent years, several patents related to this technology have been registered. Patents often don’t translate into real products, and even if they do, there’s usually a few years between the patent being filed and the device being released. The sliding design has apparently been the topic of discussion among phone designers for eight years, and maybe Samsung will finally succeed in producing a sliding phone in 2022.

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