Samsung is going to compete with the new iPhone by dominating the foldable phones more

Samsung is going to compete with the new iPhone by dominating the foldable phones more

Samsung is going to compete with the new iPhone by dominating the foldable phones more

For example

Samsung has not yet announced an official release date for its foldable phones; But according to the procedure of the past years, industry observers have predicted that the company will introduce them on August 10, 2022 (19 August 1401).

In the past two years, Samsung canceled its Unpacked event for its new gadgets due to the Corona virus. It’s held online only and will probably hold an in-person Unpacked event in New York next month to unveil the new Z Fold and Z Flip. A Samsung spokesperson did not confirm whether the phones will indeed be unveiled on August 10. He said: ” nothing has been decided yet.>

Also, according to reports, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 14 series on September 13, 2022 (22 September 1401). The new iPhone will probably come in four models with different colors. Industry analysts say that Samsung plans to focus more on the foldable phone market in order to surpass the iPhone; because it is lagging behind the American phone manufacturer.

Kim Jae Sun, the head of the Kiwoom Securities research department said:

Samsung aims to sell the Galaxy A and It will reduce its Galaxy S series and focus on sales of new foldable phones that are due to be unveiled in August… Inflation affects sales of cheap phones more than expensive phones.

In May, the proportion of phones that cost more than $600 was the same as the previous month at 19%; But budget phones under $100 accounted for 26 percent, which was similar to the lowest level of these products in 2021. Kim added: “The fact that we are lagging behind Apple in the premium phone market will end up at the expense of Samsung.

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Industry observers believe that Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 will be more advanced and improved compared to the previous models. The Z Fold 4 is expected to have a wider outer screen and a taller inner screen when unfolded compared to its predecessor.

As the company has already gained popularity among consumers with the Z Flip 3 due to its sleek design, the Z Flip 4 will be similar to the previous model; But it will have more battery capacity and a narrower hinge.

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