Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship phones were unveiled in USA

Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship phones were unveiled in USA

Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship phones were unveiled in USA

Daria accompanied the capital in 2017 with the aim of direct import of phones and Samsung tablets was launched and after some time, taking into account the needs of the market and to provide services to customers, it established its after-sales service department under the name of Daria Service. Daria says that all the parts used in the repair process in this department are purchased directly from Samsung and the collection services are provided under the supervision of Samsung.

Reza Emami, the manager of the public relations department of this company, at the unveiling ceremony of the Samsung S22 family of phones, explained that Daria Mohamad at the beginning of her career in It was in the fourth place among other phone importing companies and during its three years of operation, it was able to sell about 5 million devices.

The sales statistics of this company by year are as follows: >

  • Year 2018: 992 thousand units
  • Year 2019: 1,500 thousand units
  • Year 1400: 2,143 thousand units
  • Daria Mohoram has between 65 and 70% of the presence share in the main market of USA, and according to the brief research conducted, 99.8% of the sellers choose this company as a guarantee. They know the top ten Samsung phones and tablets.

    Daria Bazaar Stock It is 40% of Samsung phones and tablets, and it has between 18 and 20% of all brands in the country. Reza Emami summed up the objectives of Daria company with the slogan “Our assets are always in the forefront” in the following 8 categories:

    • Guarantee of product authenticity
    • Service speed for after-sales services
    • High availability
    • Originality and originality of parts
    • Corresponding product quality for the USAian market (maximum effort to import phones related to the Middle East region to benefit from the Farsi menu and …)
    • High service quality
    • Proper customer service
    • Reasonable and low cost compared to currency market fluctuations

    Daria Moyab has recently had two successful experiences in the field of phone import at the same time as the global launch, the first experience was to import the S21 FE phone is related to about three months ago, which was done at the same time as its global sale, and the other is related to the launch of Galaxy S22 family phones in USA, between 72 hours and 96 hours after the global launch. Samsung Galaxy S22 family, three phones Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 is included, which are sold in USA with 18-month warranty of Daria Mohamab.

    Next, Ali Fallahpour, the after-sales service manager of Daria Mobile, introduced the services of this department and gave explanations about the future projects of Daria Service. He called it “changing the concept of warranty in the mind of the USAian audience” to provide services, and while pointing to the company’s 14 branches and 48 agencies throughout USA, he explained that Daria Mohamab is to increase the accessibility of customers to after-sales services in deprived areas where face-to-face services are not possible. does not exist, provides postal services; In this regard, it is possible to send the phones back and forth by post without paying the shipping fee for customers.

    Falahpour further announced that in the last 4 months, an average of 3,700 to 4,000 phone receptions have been done every month, which shows the high number of people coming to receive after-sales services. A major part of this reception in recent months, due to the spread of the Amicron strain, has been done through in-person and mail referrals.

    After-sales service manager, Daria Mohamal, the average time it takes to receive a phone for repair and delivery. The customer (TAT index) is 4 days, the services that last more than 3 days (LTP index) are 26 days, the phone return rate (CRR index) is at its minimum and the customer satisfaction rate (CMI index) from Daria Mobile services is 86%. explained. In the reception and after-sales service department, Daria has 31 technicians, 8 of whom have received the Samsung level 3 repair certificate. Falahpour continued on Daria’s adherence to all the factors mentioned in the company’s guarantees. He said and announced that his company uses its own after-sales service software called ERP to serve the customer as best as possible. This exclusive software provides a better user experience than other similar software in the country.

    According to Falahpour’s claim, Daria Hamorh Call Center is the first and only 24-hour call center in the mobile phone after-sales service industry in USA, which even at the moment of delivery will also be ready to serve customers. The customer satisfaction index of Daria’s service was announced at 86% and the satisfaction with the way the staff behaved was 90%. Falahpour talked about the training and integrated services of the call center team and added that all the company’s personnel to provide The better the services, the more they receive the necessary training even before the global introduction of the products. In the end, he introduced the future projects of Daria Moharem as follows:

    • Providing services to deaf or hard of hearing customers with the help of trained personnel to make video calls or through face-to-face visits. These people provide in-home services and digital services.
    • VIP club for customers of flagship phones and providing special services to them
    • B2B club for providing services tailored to the needs of organizations
    • Using recyclable boxes to transport defective phones (Repair Box)
    • Fast Deliver & Fast Repair
    • Daria charge show, installation of charging devices or powerbank in centers such as airports
    • Using ho Artificial intelligence to analyze the calls received by call centers

    Reza Emami said in response to the Zomit reporter about the processor of Samsung S22 family phones that are imported in USA. :

    Given that other importing companies have imported Galaxy S22 family phones in both versions equipped with Snapdragon 8th generation and Exynos 2100 processors, Daria Mobile also follows the same process; But for now, all the phones imported to the country before 1401 will be equipped with the 8th generation Snapdragon processor.

    Public relations manager Daria Hame explained about the price fluctuations of Samsung flagships as follows:

    This company is trying to continuously provide a large number of phones from this family in USA in order to adjust the prices, but considering that Daria Mobile operates on a wholesale basis, it cannot interfere in the prices offered in have a market.

    Daria Hamrah currently It operates only in the field of importing and providing after-sales services for all types of tablets and Samsung phones and to enter other parts of this The brand has no plans to import other brands such as laptops. The company announced that the second series of S22 series phones will be available in USA from March 23rd at the same price as the first series.

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