Samsung and Google compete to acquire Nokia Health

Samsung and Google compete to acquire Nokia Health

Samsung and Google compete to acquire Nokia Health

Samsung is one of four companies that plans to acquire Nokia Health. According to Le Monde, this decision puts Samsung in competition with Nest, which is

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Nokia startup acquired withings in 2016 with the aim of entering the smart health device market. Withings changed its name to Nokia Hells after this divestiture. The France-based company currently manufactures digital health products such as scales, activity trackers and sleep sensors.

However, the acquisition in question has not been successful. According to the Le Monde report, the new price of the company will be lower than the previous price that Nokia paid, and the new buyer will probably pay less than 192 million dollars. Nokia Hellas are; But Le Monde believes that Nokia prefers to hand over this real company to a French group. This is due to the understanding of the importance of the sectors related to the artificial intelligence industry in France.

Despite Nokia’s relative failure in the health digital tools market, the fact that Google and Samsung are looking to buy Nokia Health shows that this company has great potential both in terms of products and production rights.

Samsung and Google are suppliers of a wide range of smart products. Google’s Smart Home products, its subsidiary Nest and devices Google Home in its list of smart products, and on the other hand, Samsung has Smart Hub SmatThings and is also said to be developing a Bixby-enabled smart speaker. The Korean company is also present in the market of digital health tools by making smart watches and health bracelets. For this reason, it is easy to predict what position Nokia Hellas will have in case of being handed over to any of the two mentioned companies. They will have.

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