Running the full version of Windows 11 on the Surface Duo seems more likely than ever

Running the full version of Windows 11 on the Surface Duo seems more likely than ever

Running the full version of Windows 11 on the Surface Duo seems more likely than ever

Some time ago, someone named Gustave (Gustave Monce) managed to install Windows 11 on a smartphone Microsoft’s Surface Duo implementation and related drivers. Microsoft enthusiasts know this person with the project LumiaWOA; A project that intended to run a stable version of Windows 10 ARM (and then Windows 11 ARM) on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

A few months ago, Gustav announced on his Twitter account that he plans to 11. Run Logo on Microsoft Surface Duo; A project that quickly made a lot of noise among the Redmond giant fans; Because they were one step closer to achieving one of their unattainable dreams: Surface Phone!

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  • The possibility of installing Windows 11 with dual boot on the Surface Duo became available

Gustav gradually pictures and a lot of information on His Twitter page shared with fans and the public his attempt to launch the second screen of the Surface Duo; Because the operating system did not recognize the second display by default. However, a few hours ago, Gustav published a tweet about the launch of the second screen. which promises a new chapter in the DuoWOA project.

As you can see in the video above, both displays of Surface Duo are active; But there is a little problem in displaying the content correctly, which is considered normal in the early stages of development. According to Gustav, it is currently not possible to control the device by touch and he uses a wireless mouse for this. He has expressed hope that touch input support will be added to the device soon.

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Despite the positive achievements of this project, running Windows 11 logo on Surface Duo is still accompanied by numerous bugs and the operating system itself is not stable. . Gustav advises enthusiasts not to launch the WOA project on their Surface Duo if they use the device daily; But if their goal of running this project is to gain new experiences, they can use this link All you need to Install Windows 11 Logo on Surface Duo needs to be found.

Also, Gustav has just released a new video that shows the proper functioning of the graphics drivers on the Surface Duo:

Currently, the DuoWOA project can only be run on the first generation Surface Duo and can be downloaded from Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is not supported. Also, in the LumiaWOA project, Gustav managed to provide the possibility of making calls and sending SMS, and it is hoped that these features will be added to the Surface Duo version soon. Do you think it makes sense to run Windows 11 logo on a smartphone and its small screen?

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