Rockley Photonics Brings Blood Glucose Measurement Without Blood Sampling to Apple Watch?

Rockley Photonics Brings Blood Glucose Measurement Without Blood Sampling to Apple Watch?

Rockley Photonics Brings Blood Glucose Measurement Without Blood Sampling to Apple Watch? One of the common problems of diabetic patients and people with High blood sugar is a constant monitoring of the condition of this important blood factor, which is measured by direct sampling. In the normal method of measuring blood sugar, after scratching the tip of the finger, people’s blood is transferred to special strips and placed in the machine for analysis. This method is not very pleasant due to the need to perform it every day, and therefore, so-called non-invasive methods without the need for blood sampling have also been marketed. In a new development in this regard, one of the suppliers of Apple, Rockley Photonics, has developed a new non-invasive technology for has introduced blood sugar measurement.

The British startup Rockley Photonics is naturally not the first company to offer a non-invasive technology that does not require sampling to measure the blood sugar factor, and several companies have already done so. Many other examples have been introduced in this field. Rockley’s importance, however, should be found in its biggest customer, Apple, where if the final tests are successful, this Maybe in the very near future, we will see this feature in the next generations of Apple Watch. As evidence of this issue, we should point to Apple’s own efforts in this field, which led to Apple’s patent application for blood sugar measurement through Apple Watch has been made.

Sensors in this collection, without the need for direct blood sampling, can analyze the world under the skin of people for analyzing blood, interstitial fluids It searches for cellular (interstitial fluids) and different layers of the interstitial membrane and compounds and physical phenomena. It is important to mention this point in the meantime that almost all of the things mentioned above required direct sampling and laboratory equipment and the possibility of using all of them in the form of a collection available to users seems to be a great development.

Rockley has already spoken about the possibility of this feature in the next generation of Apple smart watches. It didn’t come, but considering the presence of Apple as the main customer of this company and the parallel efforts of this company in realizing the dream of measuring blood sugar on the Apple Watch, we can at least talk about its high chance to be among the (probably) different options of Apple in this field. said.

The experimental phase of this technology has already started and Rockley Photonics has announced that it will be presented to the market in the first half of 2022.

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