Release of LG G Pad tablet by Media Processing

Release of LG G Pad tablet by Media Processing

Release of LG G Pad tablet by Media Processing

After the unauthorized import of 8.3 G Pad by profiteers, the supply of this LG tablet exclusively at the disposal of Media Company The processing is placed. According to the public relations report of Media Processing, this is not the first time that the LG product is exclusively available to Media Processing, because this company has already been able to distribute some models exclusively from It slows itself down. The strengths of the new 8.3 G Pad LG tablet include a powerful 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, Android 4.2.2 operating system, full HD screen with IPS technology and a density of 273 pixels per inch, and a very powerful 4600 mAh battery. Working with this newly arrived tablet eliminates the need for a remote control to change channels due to its Infra Red interface, because in this way, the LG G Pad can be turned into a remote control.

30 frames per second. Qpair software is installed on the LG GPad tablet for convenient data transfer, managing calls and messages from the phone to the tablet, as well as using the mobile internet. The internal memory of this newly arrived tablet is 16 GB and can be expanded up to 64 GB. Other features of this tablet include Qslide (simultaneous execution of several programs), Quick Remote (controlling electronic devices such as TV with a tablet), Multi User Function (multiple users) to determine the level of access of each person to the programs, and Knock On ability. screen) to turn the tablet screen on or off. The 8.3 LG G Pad tablet has Quick Translate for quick and easy translation, Capture Plus for easy storage of all the content of an internet page inside the tablet, Clip Tray for cutting or copying all or part of a photo or text and placing it in another place up to twenty numbers Is. You can read the autopsy of this product in this


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