Razer unveiled the Turret keyboard and mouse for Xbox One

Razer unveiled the Turret keyboard and mouse for Xbox One

Razer unveiled the Turret keyboard and mouse for Xbox One

Microsoft has long been trying to Xbox One from a simple console gaming to a comprehensive platform convert Of course, the important step in this direction was at Redmond’s XO18 conference last year, when mouse and keyboard support was unveiled in the game console. Until then, limited accessories for Microsoft console It was introduced, which were generally car steering wheel and arcade controller and game consoles with various designs in different dimensions. Razer, one of the largest manufacturers of gaming equipment in the world, took a big and important step in supporting keyboard and mouse in He took the Xbox One. At CES 2019, the company introduced its Turret series, which will somehow give its customers an unfair competitive advantage in video games. Next, we will take a closer look at the new razer product for Xbox and its notable features.

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The tart keyboard uses the famous Razer Green Switches and the company’s exclusive Chroma lighting, which makes the gamer’s experience more beautiful with attractive colors during the game. Instead of the control button on the right side of the keyboard, there is the XBOX button, which is used to return to the console’s main menu.

Next to the keyboard, there is a mouse pad that It comes out from the right side and can be converted into a large dedicated pad or used in half the size and occupying less space. Inside the mouse pad, a number of magnets are embedded to keep the Razer Mamba mouse on the surface of the pad. Magnets do not disturb the gamer’s game process and even when the sensitivity of the game increases, they guide him to the surface inside the pad and easier control. However, such a feature in sensitive online games and especially strategic examples will be a winning card for the tart gamer.

Rizer’s new product for Xbox One It is wireless by default and only requires a small dongle to connect to the console. A USB-C cable is used to charge the keyboard, and the mouse is charged with a small cable through the keyboard.

Early experiences with Razer’s exclusive accessories for Xbox One show its impressive build quality. At first glance, you feel that the gap between the console and PC gaming platforms has been removed. In addition, at the first encounter, the tactile feedback of the keyboard and special lighting for all the buttons being used in the game can be seen. In addition, the level of important vital signs of the game is indicated by the illumination of the operating buttons of the keyboard.

The Tart mouse is the real star of Razer’s new product for Xbox One. Fast mouse movements or scrolling are performed without the slightest delay in the console environment. Synchronizing Razer’s keyboard and mouse with the console is much faster than other examples, and a series of games are easily supported.

The first simple look at the Turret Keyboard and Mouse shows that Razer is serious about bridging the gap between PC and console. Not only will they launch the first exclusive product for Xbox One; They will also do their work in the best way with the best quality. Razer’s new product is now ready for pre-order and is priced at $249.99.

Technical specifications of Razer Turret keyboard

  • Razer exclusive buttons called Mechanical Switches and 50g activation force
  • Life of eighty million button presses
  • Exclusive Xbox Dynamic Lightning lighting
  • Equipped with Razer Chroma with exclusive programming capability of 16.8 million colors
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic resting place for the wrist
  • Average movement depth for the keys
  • Razer Synapse 3 capability
  • Ability to recognize the simultaneous pressure of ten keys
  • Fully programmable keys (applicable only in PC mode)
  • Ability to select a special game mode (for PC)
  • Communication rate with the computer 1000 Hz (per second, communication with the device Main and receiving data is checked a thousand times) – Ultrapolling
  • instant trigger technology
  • up to 11 hours of charging with default lighting activation
  • up to 43 hours of charging With the lighting off
  • Approximate dimensions 194 x 600 x 36.93 mm
  • Approximate weight 1860 grams
  • Two meter cable

Rizer Turret mouse technical specifications

  • Razer’s proprietary optical sensor called 5G Advanced and sixteen thousand DPI accuracy
  • IPS 450 maximum acceleration
  • 1000 Hz connection rate to the computer (per second, communication with The main device and receiving data are checked a thousand times) – Ultrapolling
  • Seven programmable keys with Hyperresponse feature
  • Raiser dedicated mouse buttons with a lifespan of fifty million clicks
  • Scroll Professional with game standard Ying
  • Ergonomic design for right-handed people
  • Exclusive Xbox Dynamic Lightning lighting
  • Equipped with Razer Chroma with exclusive 16.8 million color programming
  • Internal and cloud hybrid memory
  • Razer Synapse 3 capability
  • up to 30 hours of charging with default lighting activation
  • Approximate dimensions 125.7 x 70 x 43. 2 mm
  • 0.15 meter charging cable
  • 2.1 meter USB cable
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