Razer launched the Viper mouse with optical keys

Razer launched the Viper mouse with optical keys

Razer launched the Viper mouse with optical keys

Razer Mouse has added a new product to its list which It focuses on speed more than anything else. Razer Viper (Razer Viper) is the company’s first mouse that uses optical keys that increase the speed of response and durability of the product. Razer’s new product weighs only 69 grams, making it a very light mouse. This mouse is designed in such a way that using it will be comfortable for both left and right hands.

The most obvious feature of the Viper mouse is the presence of optical keys, according to Razer, the optical keys used in it are up to three times faster than the keys. They work mechanically. Mechanical mouse keys use a metal interface to send signals, which can create a jumping effect and send additional signals. In this case, the computer must filter these extra signals, which slows down the response speed.

Razer uses infrared rays to send signals in the optical keys of its new mouse, which increases the response speed. In addition, the Razer Viper mouse improves the experience of games that require quick reactions. Another advantage of the optical keys of the mentioned mouse is the increase in their durability, which according to Razer, can withstand up to 70 million clicks. Razer company did not use a skeleton shell in making the Viper, which makes it the lightest wired mouse. Razer converts. It should be noted that the wire of this mouse is covered with friction materials to increase its movement speed. Also, Viper uses Razer’s 5G optical sensor with 16,000 DPI and eight programmable keys. The Razer Viper mouse is available for buyers at the price of 80 dollars on this company’s website.

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