Qualcomm and creating a campaign against the one trillion dollar company Apple

Qualcomm and creating a campaign against the one trillion dollar company Apple

Qualcomm and creating a campaign against the one trillion dollar company Apple

The New York Times yesterday had a hot report about Facebook and issues such as unresponsiveness. The company blamed Russian abuse of its platform and Mark Zuckerberg‘s anger at Tim Cook published. One allegation was that Facebook worked with public services firm Definers Public Affairs to spread false information about competitors.

Now, Business Insider reports Qualcomm may use the same company to end cooperation with Apple to come close.

In the initial New York Times report, Mr. Miller acknowledged that Facebook and Apple do not compete directly with each other. According to Miller, the work of Definers at Apple is done by a third-party technology company; But Facebook has put Apple under pressure; Because Mr. Cook’s criticism has upset Facebook managers. In October of last year in Oakland, Mr. Miller said that Facebook would be happy if the issue of privacy came up. Currently, Apple and Qualcomm are at war with the reduction in production of modems used in the latest generation iPhone.

In the report, Keef Lessing says he was told by Tim Miller, head of Definers West, about the possible Apple fine “in connection with the legal action” between Apple and Qualcomm, as well as other reports. has found out about the adventures of Qualcomm and Apple.

In addition to the Business Insider report, today the BBC news Qualcomm is one of Definers’ customers, according to a former company employee. The report explained that NTK Network, the site that Definers operates, is currently promoting a news item titled “Conservative Response to the Lawsuit Between Apple and Qualcomm”. According to the report, NTK released a news release on Tuesday about the rejection of Apple’s sovereign rights and the patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. According to this employee, Qualcomm has a relationship with Definers.

  • Apple wins retrial motion against Qualcomm

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm continues today. Qualcomm recently accused Apple of stealing the source code and giving it to Intel . Additionally, while an out-of-court settlement is possible, Apple is said to be preparing for a lengthy court battle.

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