Pixel 6 problems may cause users to switch to other companies

Pixel 6 problems may cause users to switch to other companies

Pixel 6 problems may cause users to switch to other companies

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro presented with a new design and exclusive Tensor chip. Although this action helped the mentioned phones to become one of the best Android phones, they have gained a reputation as one of the problematic phones in the world. According to a new report, the popularity of Google Pixel devices has decreased drastically and About 36% of the owners are thinking of abandoning it and switching to another brand. The Pixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro has been the target of many bugs since its launch in October, leading to issues with the display, fingerprint sensor, and connectivity.

While many of these issues have been resolved, some They have kept users unhappy; Especially those that come from hardware components. For example, although Google has released updates to address the issue of the slow fingerprint scanner, it still lags behind the speed of other Android phones, apparently due to the use of an optical fingerprint sensor instead of the faster ultrasonic sensor variant.

Also, Pixel 6 charges slower than competing phones. This is frustrating enough in itself; But it doesn’t help that Google supports a maximum charging speed of 30W; While in reality it does not exceed the charging speed of 22 watts.

There are also problems in the software department that have not been resolved yet For example, the phone automatically rejects calls from the audience. With that said, not all of these problems will affect all users, and in fact, it might be minor for some. Google announced in February that the Pixel 6 helped break the quarterly sales record in the fourth quarter of 2021. Recently, in May, the company said that it had better sales compared to Pixel 5 and Pixel 4 has experienced.

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Pixel phones are still lagging behind Samsung Galaxy phones and Apple iPhone in terms of sales; But they are growing. Finally, Google needs to increase quality control and take a serious approach to fixing bugs to make sure it doesn’t lose market share.

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