OnwardMobility startup will launch the first 5G BlackBerry phone in 2021

OnwardMobility startup will launch the first 5G BlackBerry phone in 2021

OnwardMobility startup will launch the first 5G BlackBerry phone in 2021

News unit EMGblog.com: In recent years, BlackBerry ruled the smartphone market, but in recent years this company The intensity has decreased and now only a name remains of it. Since 2018, no BlackBerry-branded smartphone has entered the market. But the news indicates that this popular brand will return to the market in 2021. OnwardMobility startup announced on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 (29 August 2019) that after an agreement with Blackberry and FIH Mobile (a subsidiary of Foxconn), it plans to launch a new 5th generation smartphone with Blackberry brand and physical keyboard in the first half of 2021. enter the market of North America and Europe.

Not much information about the specifications of the new phone Blackberry has not been released, but OnwardMobility has emphasized that this smartphone is Android and uses a keyboard with a completely new design; A keyboard that can revive the values ​​of the Blackberry brand and the typing experience with its memorable keyboards. Equipping with 5G communication network is also one of the definite features of this phone. As always, having high security will be the strength of BlackBerry phones. Also, according to the manufacturer’s statement that the user can do his work on the go with this phone, apparently the new BlackBerry smartphone is designed for professional users working in organizational positions.

According to Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility, these people are looking for safe 5G devices that will increase their productivity while also providing a good user experience. Referring to Blackberry’s credibility in protecting communication, privacy and data, he said that this is an exceptional opportunity for OnwardMobility to be able to launch a powerful 5th generation smartphone with the support of Blackberry and FIH Mobile.

From the words of Peter Franklin, we can understand that the new smartphone of Blackberry is not a flagship, but it will probably be a powerful mid-range. According to him, the startup’s main priority right now is not to produce the safest phone with the highest productivity, but their goal is to make a device for everyday use. This means things like a high-quality camera and other features you’d expect from a daily-use phone can be found in BlackBerry’s new product. Peter Franklin further mentions the competitive price of BlackBerry’s new phone, and this is another reason that shows that this product will not be a flagship.

Blackberry’s ups and downs path in the smartphone industry brings with it many lessons. This Canadian brand was considered the king of smartphones in the late 2000s, but the authority of this brand decreased day by day. Of course, since 2013 and after John Chen took office, several successful phones with BlackBerry 10 operating system – including the unique square smartphone Blackberry Passport – entered the market, but it didn’t take long for Android and iOS to conquer the smartphone world and In addition to Windows Phone, Blackberry and its operating system are also brought to their knees. For this reason, Blackberry, which had no choice but to surrender to Android, released its first Android phone in 2015 with the name BlackBerry Priv (Priv) entered the market, which of course did not perform well.

From right to left, BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Priv

In 2016, BlackBerry stopped the production of smartphones and handed over its brand franchise to the Chinese company TCL. But TCL lowered BlackBerry’s standard by producing several rebranded phones. Of course, some beautiful and expensive phones with QWERTY keyboard – including KEYone and KEY2 – also entered the market during this period, but the release of these products could not bring back Blackberry customers. Blackberry’s franchise agreement with TCL expires on August 31, 2020. From here on, Texas startup OnwardMobility will take the initiative.

According to OnwardMobility, Blackberry and FIH Mobile will also cooperate in the process of designing and producing new smartphones. The use of the word “smartphones” indicates that other phones are likely to be produced, depending on the success of the first model. In any case – even if Iqbal towards the first model is also suitable – one should not expect from OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile to supply millions of phones, because the Blackberry brand has been severely weakened during the last decade and besides, the presence of a QWERTY keyboard for the customers of these phones limits

In the end, it is not bad to get to know FIH Mobile a little bit. As mentioned, FIH Mobile is a subsidiary of the famous Foxconn company. Unlike Foxconn – which accepts the production order and only implements the desired design of a company – FIH Mobile company is present in all the processes of product development, design, production, after-sales service and repairs. It is interesting to know, the smartphones that are currently under the brand Nokia and from They are delivered to the customers by the Finnish company HMD, they are designed and produced in the FIH Mobile company.

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