OnePlus Nord exploded 2 more times; This time in the hands of the user and during the conversation

OnePlus Nord exploded 2 more times; This time in the hands of the user and during the conversation

OnePlus Nord exploded 2 more times; This time in the hands of the user and during the conversation

Oneplus unveiled the Nord 2 smartphone in August last year (July 2021); A device that was expected to use a chip made by Qualcomm; But finally, it was equipped with Dimension 1200 chip. Since the introduction, various news about the Nord 2 catching fire were published in the cyberspace; Even some of the owners of this model were seriously injured; But in most cases, OnePlus considered the incident to be the result of a foreign object damaging the device.

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Now another user announced that the phone Oneplus Nord 2 of his brother caught fire during a conversation:

My brother’s OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire while talking and in his hands. We went to OnePlus service center in New Delhi and they asked us to wait for 2-3 days. Now that they saw that they could not do anything, they told us to hand over the burning phone to us.

He says in his tweet thread:

This was Don’t settle for less”? It’s not a joke at all! My brother could be seriously injured! But fortunately, nothing happened and he is alive! We only asked for a proper solution, not compensation or anything else. But all we heard from you was no and no and no and no, we can’t do anything!

The above tweet that is currently Deleted, first published on April 6, 1401 (March 26, 2022). According to “Lakshay Verma” with (Twitter account @lakshayvrm), the OnePlus device His brother’s Nord 2 exploded in his hands while he was talking and as a result the aluminum melted and stuck to his hand and skin.

Lashkai continues his tweet saying that they even went to the OnePlus service center to find a way to solve this problem; But after asking for 2-3 days from the OnePlus service center, they informed them that there is nothing they can do and it is better to return the melted remains of the phone.

Lashka has also attached some photos to his tweet; As you can see, his brother’s OnePlus Nord 2 is badly damaged and can’t even be repaired anymore. The explosion appears to have occurred from the left side of the device, just like several other models.

According to 91mobiles Lashkai’s brother after his action by OnePlus failed has filed a complaint against the company in the consumer court. Now, it seems that after the issue was raised on Twitter and an attack was made against OnePlus, the company’s Twitter account told Lashkai to contact them through a private message (Direct Message or DM) for further investigation.

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  • Another OnePlus Nord series phone exploded in India

The latest incident is just one of several reports about the OnePlus Nord 2. In response to Lashkai’s tweet, users of this device said that “when charging, their device gets so hot that they are afraid it will explode!” Another user has published a video of his OnePlus phone after it exploded, with smoke coming out of the device.

Until the writing of this news, OnePlus has not shown an official reaction to the claims.

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