OnePlus’ new step for the development of OnePlus 2.0: the integration of the user interface of OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS

OnePlus’ new step for the development of OnePlus 2.0: the integration of the user interface of OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS

OnePlus’ new step for the development of OnePlus 2.0: the integration of the user interface of OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS

News unit two Chinese companies Opo and BBK Electronics holding company.

Pete Pete Lau, CEO of One ​​Plus and Chief Product Officer of Oppo, recently via Posting on the OnePlus Discussion Forum, this process begins with OnePlus 2.0 describes it as a turning point for this partnership you know From his point of view, OnePlus will continue to provide products and services based on the approach of “not being stationary” and the design philosophy of “free from shackles”. In addition, the provision of high quality products in a diverse range of prices with more competitive features will continue. Of course, features such as unlocking the bootloader and installing personalized operating systems will still be available to OnePlus users.

The OnePlus design team, which previously operated independently from Oppo, is now integrated into a larger group and works simultaneously on several different products from both companies. However, the marketing, branding and public relations departments of OnePlus still maintain their independence and make decisions based on the company’s exclusive strategies.

As mentioned, one of the important parts of OnePlus’ new news is the integration of the company’s OxygenOS user interface with Oppo’s ColorOS, which goes beyond the basic code combination of the two user interfaces. According to the announcement of the Chinese company, this integrated user interface combines the best features of both user interfaces and offers users the fast and comfortable experience of OxygenOS along with the stability and richness of ColorOS; Although the name of the new user interface has not been officially announced yet.

Pete Love assures Oneplus fans that the new user interface is of the original nature. It will keep OxygenOS, which is popular with the fans of the company’s products. According to him, the integrated operating system will be customized specifically for OnePlus devices to ensure that users’ expectations are met. In addition, by keeping the appearance of this system as simple and light as before, the support for unlocking the bootloader will continue in it.

In fact, even though the code base of both systems will be the same, the way the user interface is designed is different in OnePlus and Oppo phones. As OnePlus emphasizes that there will be no advertising in the company’s software, and the development process of the new user interface will be supervised by Gary Chen, the manager of OxygenOS.

This seamless UI is likely to be used in the OnePlus 10, OnePlus’ next flagship smartphone, which is expected to launch in 2022. Additionally, some existing models such as the OnePlus 8 will also be updated with the new software. ; However, no specific timing for the release of this update has been announced yet. Meanwhile, OnePlus has recently announced the official launch of OxygenOS 12, along with the shared user interface with Oppo. It is based on Android 12 in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, this year, OnePlus has formed a partnership with Hasselblad, a Swedish camera manufacturer, and in this way, the camera of two products OnePlus 9 and has improved OnePlus 9 Pro. According to the announcement of the Chinese company, this cooperation will be long-term and will continue with a focus on improving color performance in image recording.

In addition, improving the user experience in the camera application of OnePlus phones is another announced program of the Chinese creative company, within the framework of which, the development of advanced zoom capabilities, the addition of a set of new color filters, better stabilization of images and the use of modules The next generation of the camera sensor will be the attention of managers.

Love in his blog post on the strategy of this product portfolio The company has also mentioned. According to him, last year some new models of OnePlus products were introduced at the regional level, which received very good feedback from the market. He further added that based on the growth and success of this strategy, the provision of high-level user experience at various prices, along with competitive pricing, will continue in the future. In addition, the affordable range of OnePlus products will also be offered regionally, and flagship and high-end phones will also be sold to meet the demands of users around the world.

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