OnePlus moving away from its prime – Why is OnePlus rebranding Oppo phones?

OnePlus moving away from its prime – Why is OnePlus rebranding Oppo phones?

OnePlus moving away from its prime – Why is OnePlus rebranding Oppo phones?

News About 8 years ago, the Chinese brand One ​​Plus started its activity in the field of smartphone production. During the last 8 years, OnePlus – which is a subsidiary of the Opo company – has produced several smartphones and It has opened its place in different markets. One of the highlights of OnePlus phones is their innovative designs. For example, the physical Alert Slider button (to adjust the sound profile of the phone) is one of the things that distinguished OnePlus devices from other phones from the OnePlus One onwards. Among the masterpieces of OnePlus in design, we can find the OnePlus 6T (especially in the purple color ), OnePlus 5T (Star Wars Edition) and OnePlus 7 Pro.

focus Oneplus on the beautiful design of smartphones, is a policy from the company’s highest official, Pete Lau, CEO and one Issued by the founders of OnePlus. OnePlus 6 was the first product of this company, which in mid-2018, in addition to the usual colors, A red color was also introduced. Pete Love and the design team discussed for several weeks to decide on the right color screen for this phone. Finally, it was agreed that the red version of OnePlus 6 will enter the market with a difference of $4 compared to other colors. The same attention to details in various aspects of this device made professional users to lean towards the OnePlus brand. But unfortunately, we no longer see these creative designs from OnePlus.

OnePlus 6

You can check the OnePlus Summarize this year in one word: copying; Instead of offering a phone with an original and distinctive design, OnePlus is just rebranding Oppo and Realme. Of course, this field has a long head and is not limited to 2022. The OnePlus 5, which was introduced in 2017, was almost identical in design to the Oppo R11. Of course, at that point, the hardware similarities were not very important, because Oppo’s presence in the global markets was not very impressive and was limited to a few Asian markets. Also, OnePlus’ effort in developing the OxygenOS exclusive user interface was indicative of the fact that the software in Oppo and OnePlus phones was very different.

Oppo R11 on the right and OnePlus 5 on the left

But in 2022 we do not see such a thing. Currently, One ​​Plus and Opo has a common software and their design is the same (without any significant manipulation or change). A clear example of this similarity can be found in the Nord N series. For example, Nord N20 5G – which some Announced last week – it’s actually a rebranded version of the still-unannounced Oppo Reno8 Lite. Likewise, the Nord CE 2 Lite is also the same as Realme 9 Pro (which of course Ultrawide camera has been removed from it). Nord CE 2 also with one or two The minor change is simply the rebranded Reno7 5G. Removing the popular Alert Slider button from many new OnePlus phones is in the same direction.

Realme 9 Pro on the right and Nord CE 2 Lite on the left
OnePlus 10R. This phone is a complete copy of Realme GT Neo3 and it is believed According to some experts, it is the worst smartphone that has entered the market this year. Of course, hardware is only part of the story; OnePlus faced serious problems after merging ColorOS with OxygenOS, which is clearly evident in the OnePlus 10R, because despite the fact that the OnePlus 10R and Realme GT Neo3 are practically the same device, the OnePlus 10R is prone to lag and bugs, according to some sources.

Realme GT Neo3 on the right and OnePlus 10R on the left

What is clear is that OnePlus does not have the same control over its product portfolio as it used to. Some experts believe BBK (the parent company of Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus) has kept OnePlus solely for the sale of smartphones in North America. Of course, given that Oppo and Realme smartphones don’t make it to the North American region, this BBK policy (i.e. rebranding Oppo and Realme devices and launching them in North America) makes sense.

Now this question comes to mind why this policy exists now, but we did not see such a thing three years ago. The answer lies in the numbers. The brand Realme turned 4 years old this week and so far more than 100 million devices have been sold under this brand name. gone. Interestingly, even though OnePlus has twice the history of Realme, the number of devices sold by OnePlus is less than half of the phones that Realme has sold. Of course, if we want to judge fairly, we must admit that most of Realme’s devices are in the low-end and affordable range, and OnePlus mainly focuses on making high-end phones. Therefore, it is not surprising why OnePlus has not had strong sales statistics in these 8 years.

With these interpretations, it is not without reason that this year the motivation of OnePlus to produce mid-range and economic Nord series phones It has been more than the desire of this brand to make the advanced OnePlus 10 series. In 2021, OnePlus released its smartphone sales figures for the first time. According to OnePlus, last year 10 million smartphones were sold under the OnePlus name, most of which belong to the Nord and Nord N series.

For users in North America looking for a budget phone, One ​​Plus

is still considered a good option, because in this region of Oppo, Realme and Xiaomi No news. But if you are in a market where Oppo and Realme phones are sold, buying these phones will bring you closer to your goal (getting an economical phone). Not to mention, the rebranded OnePlus phones may be cheaper in some cases compared to their Oppo and Realme counterparts, but buying them is not worth the hassle of dealing with buggy software and poor design.

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