OnePlus 10 uses the most powerful Snapdragon flagship chip

OnePlus 10 uses the most powerful Snapdragon flagship chip

OnePlus 10 uses the most powerful Snapdragon flagship chip

It seems that OnePlus has adopted a different strategy for the launch of its flagship phones. Recently, the mentioned company OnePlus 10 Pro in China and said that this device will be sold globally in March. It is also expected that the regular model will be seen on the market shelves between April and May.

According to mspoweruser’s report, the regular OnePlus 10 will have the same chip as the “Pro” model, that is, the first generation Snapdragon 8. In other words, the normal model will not be much different from the Pro version in terms of processing power. As we are not fully aware of the specifications of the OnePlus 10, we cannot tell the difference between the two at this time. The regular version will probably have the same design as the OnePlus 10 Pro. Also, there may not be a major difference between the two on the hardware front, so it will be interesting to see how the company differentiates the Pro from the regular model.

  • oneplus 10r phone to chip It will be equipped with Dimension 9000

At the same time, OnePlus 10R, which will be the smaller version of OnePlus 10, houses MediaTek’s Dimension 9000 chip. While the MediaTek is a flagship chip, it is not as powerful as the 1st generation Snapdragon 8. As the official release date approaches, more information about this phone will be available.

This is not the first time that OnePlus uses a MediaTek chip in its phones. In addition to OnePlus, many other phone manufacturers also use it in their flagship phones. For example, it is reported that OPPO will put the Dimension 9000 chip in the Find X5 smartphone.

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