One of the users turned the LG Wing’s secondary display into a standalone phone

One of the users turned the LG Wing’s secondary display into a standalone phone

One of the users turned the LG Wing’s secondary display into a standalone phone

Wing was one of the different smartphones that LG unveiled last year. This phone has two screens, and its secondary screen is hidden under the main screen, which can be seen by rotating the main screen 90 degrees. By making changes to its user interface, LG considered the goals and uses for the second screen. For example, it could be used as a game controller or keyboard or trackpad.

The important point is that the secondary display does not have an independent function and the two displays work in conjunction with each other. Now, one of the owners of the LG Wing phone has changed the rotating screen completely out of the circuit and turned it into an independent phone. which works only by using its secondary display.

This user has shown the result of the work he did on this phone in a video. At the beginning of the video, he shows that he has an LG Wing phone; However, it has not specified how to disassemble the parts and the steps taken to change the internal components of the phone. However, in this video, we can see that the logic circuit board and most of the internal components of the phone, including the rear camera and the pop-up selfie camera. The top half of the back panel (where the primary display rotates around) and the battery in the bottom half (behind the secondary display).

It looks like The person has cut the main body in the middle and placed the lower module connected to the charging port at the end, and as a result, it is possible to place the square-shaped secondary display of this phone in such a structure. Now, what about the battery? can At the end of the video, we see this guy glue the battery to the back of the display and mount it on the modified body in a dangerous move that could lead to a fire. In fact, this person has put all the pieces on top of each other like the contents of a sandwich.

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Finally, this guy has the new product. It has successfully launched and we can see that in addition to the screen, parts such as the camera and physical buttons on the side are working; But the question is, what is the exact purpose of this work?

Certainly the effort of this user is admirable But the mentioned product cannot really play the role of an independent phone; Because parts such as the proximity sensor and conversational speaker have been neglected in it; Therefore, it can be assumed that the purpose of this user is not to produce a new product for everyday use and it may have other aspects. their phones have done For example, some time ago someone replaced the Lightning port of an iPhone 10 with a Type-C port And later he advertised it for sale at the price of 86 thousand dollars or in another example, one of the users added a headphone jack to his iPhone 7.

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