Nvidia’s Amper series graphics cards will probably be introduced during the GTC 2020 conference

Nvidia’s Amper series graphics cards will probably be introduced during the GTC 2020 conference

Nvidia’s Amper series graphics cards will probably be introduced during the GTC 2020 conference

Over the years, there has been a lot of speculation about new Nvidia GPUs codenamed Ampere, and now it seems It seems that the mentioned company is finally ready to unveil the mentioned graphic cards. Earlier leaks indicated a March timeframe for the introduction of these products with > And now with Nvidia’s CEO claiming that it won’t let users down, it looks like the predictions were finally right. If this chipmaker plans to introduce the Ampere series at the GTC 2020, we should expect new leaks from other revealing sources soon.

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, who has been out of the public eye for a while, In the company’s recent quarterly financial report, he personally requested everyone to attend the GTC 2020 conference in San Jose. to find The interesting point is that Jensen ended his speech in a dramatic way with the sentence “You will not be disappointed” in the mentioned meeting. Considering that the CEO of Nvidia is not a bad person, we can be sure that Ampere series graphics cards will be introduced at the GTC conference. Before we talk more about this, we will quote an excerpt from Jensen Huang:

We had a busy quarter with growing demand for Nvidia RTX graphics cards and artificial intelligence Nvidia and set a record for revenue from data center chips. RTX series graphics processors are rewriting the rules of computer graphics cards with a series of improvements in both gaming and professional graphics. In addition, [these products] create new opportunities for us to serve creative workers and content creators of social networks and new markets of cloud-based rendering and gaming.

At next month’s GTC conference in San Jose, we’ll talk more about these trends and more. Come [and join me at this event]. You will not be disappointed. Thank you all.

Turing architecture . While there is still a lot of time left for the mentioned chip maker to experience the high revenues that it had previously achieved at the peak of the cryptocurrency market, Ampere with its new architecture may be able to once again bring the former legendary revenues to Armaghan. Recently, Nvidia has kept the lithography of its products at 16 nm. The company now uses 12NFF transistors, which are actually an improved version of the previous FF transistors (finfat) with the same 16nm lithography; But now that AMD is talking about 7nm lithography, the graphics card market is expected to heat up again. If Nvidia uses 7nm lithography in its Ampere series GPUs, it will not only be able to take advantage of the economic benefits of lower lithography; but it will also improve the performance of its graphics cards. We heard about Ampere GPUs and their success in getting EEC approval, but we haven’t seen any new leaks since then. Now we have a more precise schedule about the new Nvidia GPUs and their unveiling in 2020 is almost certain. Of course, it is possible that Nvidia will remain loyal to RTX technology and only upgrade this technology to a new level in the Ampere series. Currently, Turing GPUs are capable of 1080p high-quality ray tracing and 30 frames per second, and manage light to medium workloads well. Ampere graphics processors are expected to show higher level capabilities.

Nvidia’s use of Samsung’s 7nm EUV manufacturing processes

confirms that in addition to improving power and speed, we will also see optimization in energy consumption. In addition, the 7nm EUV manufacturing process will be easier than current standard UV multipatterning processes. In fact, EUV technology can be considered as a simplification of the next generation chip production process. Of course, changing the production method requires changing the tools on a large scale, which, thanks to the economy based on mass production, is expected to compensate a major part of the costs. Finally, an improvement of at least 50% can be imagined in all parts of chip production.

Nvidia is one of the biggest customers of TSMC and since the beginning of the modern era of gaming, as a sponsor Bogor was present with this company. If the giant of the graphics world decides to use Samsung’s seven-nanometer production processes, the consequences will affect not only Nvidia but also TSMC. Currently, we can only imagine two reasons for this possible change of Nvidia’s approach; Either Samsung offers a better financial offer or Nvidia has come to believe that Korean chips perform better. Perhaps this reason can be seen as more logical for Nvidia’s change of approach. TSMC is not currently using the EUV process to produce the 7nm chip, but is considering EUV production in the future. However, the EUV of Samsung’s production processes may be the reason for Nvidia’s possible decision.

The change in Nvidia’s approach will mean that this company believes that Samsung’s EUV production processes are better than TSMC’s production process to achieve the goals of this Chipmaker will help. Perhaps another possible reason for this decision of Nvidia is TSMC’s inability to estimate their needs in mass production. The Taiwanese company has higher priority customers such as Apple and AMD and these collaborations make things more difficult for Nvidia. On the other hand, Samsung’s foundries have much more capacity, and given the huge wealth of the Korean giant, they can quickly provide the necessary capital to solve all the production challenges. According to the facts, Samsung is perhaps the most logical business partner for a company. with ambitions at the level of Nvidia. Currently, the production capacities of Intel castings are in an aura of uncertainty and TSMC may not have much ability. In this situation, Samsung is considered the only powerful company that Nvidia can cooperate with. At the beginning of this year, GlobalFoundries also lost its technological superiority and now it has no place in Nvidia’s priority list.

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