Nvidia program to introduce the new SHIELD tablet

Nvidia program to introduce the new SHIELD tablet

Nvidia program to introduce the new SHIELD tablet

In 2014, Nvidia introduced an Android tablet with outstanding specifications, and the following year, Nvidia updated this tablet with new hardware. This tablet followed the design of the Nexus 7, except that the Nvidia Shield was an 8-inch tablet. As mentioned, one of the characteristics of this tablet is its very good technical specifications, and another characteristic is the similarity of the user interface of this tablet to Google’s pure Android, and thus it was a good option for those who are not interested in different interfaces of manufacturers. In addition, Nvidia’s software support for these tablets was also very good. It seems that Nvidia plans to introduce a new generation of this tablet. Stay with us.


In general, tablets are good Android gadgets for users who Android has been chosen to play smartphone games, and the most significant reason for this is the larger screen size of tablets and their high hardware power compared to some smartphones. But in the meantime, Nvidia Shield defined a new definition of hardware power among Android tablets, and the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor together with the Gerforce Kelper ULP graphics processor show a stunning display.

Now the web The Lilliputing site accidentally published a picture that shows that Nvidia is preparing to introduce the Shield 2016 tablet, and we should be ready to introduce this new tablet from Nvidia. Below you can see the image published in Lilliputing.

This image contains information that is in We will mention them further:

  • The model number of this product is P2290W.
  • This product has a memory card port.
  • This product from both 5GHz and 4G bands It supports 802.11 Hz and Wi-Fi.
  • This product supports Bluetooth with low energy consumption.
  • The dimensions of this tablet are 6*4.8*0.3 inches.
  • The weight of this product is 3 ounces equal to about 348 grams.

The details that have been published about the technical information of this tablet are very few, but you can expect a full HD 1080* screen. 1920 or even QHD from this tablet. According to Liliputing’s opinion, this tablet will be equipped with a new Tegra X1 chipset and will have more RAM memory than the previous version. In general, our impression is that the Nvidia Shield will look like the tablets that have been produced before, and it will not follow a revolutionary design, but it may support a stylus and also have a very high hardware power like the previous versions. have What do you think about this? Will the Nvidia Shield excite users or will it be an ordinary tablet like most tablets today?

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