Nvidia is selling DGX systems based on the Volta architecture

Nvidia is selling DGX systems based on the Volta architecture

Nvidia is selling DGX systems based on the Volta architecture

Company NvidiaLast Wednesday, the company announced that it had sold the first commercial DGX-1 system with the Volta architecture to the Center for Clinical Data Research (CCDS), MGH and BWH. The company is a Massachusetts-based research center focused on machine learning And artificial intelligence (AI) works in health. In fact, this system is an update for CCDS, which used the first DGX-1 systems with Pascal architecture last December. Also, Nvidia will sell DGX stations to CCDS at the end of this month.

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In CCDS, artificial intelligence will be used in the field of learning deep neural networks. This information will be used in the Massachusetts General Hospital complex and will help doctors to quickly diagnose and accurately treat diseases.

As ​​shown in the exhibition GTC 2017 released for the first time, DGX-1V server of 8 V100 GPUs with Tesla architecture and price It benefits 149 thousand dollars. The original DGX-1 used two 16-core Haswell-EP processors, but the newer model uses two 20-core Broadwell processors.-EP, which is capable of using 8 V100 GPUs, instead of 8 P100 GPUs. It was also revealed at the GTC 2017 exhibition that the single-processor version of these workstations with 4 V100 graphics processors and a price of $69,000 will be released. The table below shows the specifications of these systems.


Nvidia DGX Systems Specifications
(Pascal, Original)
DGX Station
GPU configuration 8x Tesla V100 8x Tesla P100 4x Tesla V100

Computing power


Multipurpose 240 TFLOPS 170 TFLOPS 120 TFLOPS
Deep Learning 960 TFLOPS 480 TFLOPS
main processor configuration 2x Intel Xeon E5- 2698 v4
(20-Core, Broadwell-EP)
2x Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3
(16 core, Haswell-EP)
1x Intel Xeon E5-2698 v4
(20-core, Broadwell-EP)
System memory size 512 GB DDR4-2133
256 GB DDR4
GPU memory size 128 GB HBM2
(8x 16GB)
64 GB HBM2
(4x 16GB)
Storage 4x 1.92 TB SSD RAID 0 OS: 1x 1.92 TB SSD

Data: 3x 1.92 TB SSD RAID 0

Network Equipment Dual 10GbE
4 InfiniBand EDR
Dual 10Gb LAN
Power consumption (maximum) 3200W 1500W
866mm x 444mm x 131mm
(3U Rackmount)
518mm x 256mm x 639mm
Other Features Ubuntu Linux Host OS

DGX Software Stack

Ubuntu Desktop Linux OS

DGX Software Stack 

3x DisplayPort

Price $149,000 Varies $129,000

Looking back we find that these products The continuation of Nvidia’s production process in the branch of professional/server products is based on Volta architecture, with the launch of DGX Volta in the third quarter and the installation and commissioning of these products in the fourth quarter, Nvidia will fulfill its goals. In recent months, the first Tesla V100 accelerator was made available to researchers at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in July 2017, while the version of the Tesla V100 with support for the PCIe It was officially introduced in June at the ISC 2017 exhibition.

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