Nothing’s CEO says all smartphones out there are boring

Nothing’s CEO says all smartphones out there are boring

Nothing’s CEO says all smartphones out there are boring

According to Carl P, CEO of Nothing, the smartphone industry is facing a problem. This does not mean that the existing phones are not performing well in terms of sales. In general, today’s modern phones are more advanced and take better photos than their predecessors, but Pi, like a growing number of tech enthusiasts, feels that the new phones are not as special as the devices that came out five or 10 years ago. So, before the Nothing Phone 1 is unveiled on July 12, the CEO of the company Yahoo ‘s website sat down to find out how the mobile startup plans to innovate some weird or maybe even fun stuff. returned to the smartphone market.

Now There is a very logical explanation for the current state of the smartphone market and why these products are less amazing than they used to be. When the iPhone was first introduced, it felt like a revelation to the audience. Carl P says:

I used to watch all the events. I used to live in Sweden and so I would stay up until midnight to see what was being introduced. But in recent years, that excitement has waned, so I skip most of the big keynotes and watch the recaps to catch up on these events.

Of course, this is just It doesn’t feel that way about the current state of the smartphone market. Nothing’s CEO says:

When I talk to consumers, they are also completely indifferent to new phone launches. Some consumers say they believe that smartphone brands are deliberately delaying the introduction of new features in order to have new features for their next products. Of course, if these people feel this way, it is a sign that they are bored.

The big issue for Pi is a recession. Since big companies like LG and HTC, have left the market or their activities have been greatly reduced, the smartphone industry is dominated by A handful of big companies like Apple, Samsung and Google . P said about this:

“You have some big companies and their working method is more structured and systematic. They are the technology roadmap of partners like Qualcomm, Sony or Samsung are available to always know what is going to be introduced. They do a lot of consumer research and get customer feedback, and along the way, look at competitors and the overall market landscape.”

However, Pi feels that the current approach to the market is homogenizing the products. He said:

Big companies analyze these things and then make a very logical product that works well on paper, because very important pre-data was used in its construction. Of course, the problem is the same situation that makes all phone manufacturers use the same method and data and use the same analysis. Therefore, when the input and working method are the same, the output will be more or less the same. Fix Phone 1. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, or in this particular case the smartphone, P wants to bring some originality back into the design of mobile phone technology.

Nothing’s CEO says the design style of the Phone 1 stems from a concept the company’s team refers to as tech fever. Pi said in part of his explanation about the design of this phone:

The design of Phone 1 has a car-like nature, but it also uses many strange elements, that’s why Instead of hiding the inside of the device and using the matte back body that we see in many phones on the market, Nothing uses transparent glass and exposes components such as the wireless charging coil, heat pipes and other things. In many ways, our phone feels like a modern product of devices like the Game Boys and iMacs of the 90s and early 2000s with clear plastic shells.

Pi says:

I think what we’re trying to achieve is to take people back to a time when they were more optimistic about gadgets. This desire to have fun with technology again is something that Nothing has taken into consideration throughout the design process, and our phone’s codename, Arceus 1, is a reference to the legendary Pokemon of the same name. Additionally, other things like the heat pipes on the bottom of the phone look like an elephant, and the red indicator light on the back lets people know when they’re filming.

However, Carl P wants to bring the fun back to gadgets. The CEO of Nothing said:

We don’t need beautification and decoration. We can design different and unique things that can always be functional. The best example of this is the design style of the Nothing Phone 1, which uses 900 LEDs arranged on the back of the device to provide a sophisticated notification system that has never been seen before.

That being said, having big ideas about phone design and actually realizing them are two very different things. Making a smartphone is hard and trying to break into the market as a startup seems almost impossible. If you look at the industry today, the only company that has really failed in the last decade is OnePlus; The company that Karl P launched and joined the BBK Electronics brand collection a while later. Meanwhile, we have other failed startups in the field of smartphones, including Essential, whose brand and patents actually belong to Nothing. Essential also came up with similar ideas to Nothing, but failed before introducing its second generation smartphone. In addition, we can refer to companies such as Motorola which failed to develop modular smartphones. expand as it should, and since then, the focus of this company has been largely on the production of G series products.

The reason it is difficult to be present and stay in the smartphone industry is that it requires different capabilities. If you want to start a new company in this market, your teams score should be at least 7 out of 10, and if your product is getting some attention, maybe your team has performed better.

Your supply chain team should be excellent. Be it, your mechanical engineer, software engineer, design engineer, sales manager, marketer, and customer support must all deliver excellent performance. If we look at PH-1 phone, this product had a creative design and It was worked on by a team with a stellar track record, but in the end a handful of issues, such as the high price and poor camera quality at launch, doomed the Essential.

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On the other hand, despite the claim of Pi that Nothing has more than 560 thousand Ear1 wireless headphones sold, still a concern There is something about Phone 1. Some people in online polls or forums are saying that the company feels like it’s made a hit based on initial reactions to the yet-to-be-announced device. P continued to explain:

One of the paths we are currently taking is that we are trying to create maximum interest in the audience when launching the product. Such a goal really raises expectations for product delivery, and if that happens, everything will be fine, and if not, we might see Nothing Phne 1 fail.

However, one One of the most important challenges is that if a company tries to maneuver too much on advertising, its product may never fail, regardless of quality. Pi said:

This way, we at least have a chance to try to deliver a great product. The second option is to have a small company with no marketing budget that nobody knows about the device they built, so even if you made a good product, you still won’t get results and nobody cares. In this situation, you won’t even have a chance to prove yourself.

So while the design of the Phone 1 is completely unique and eye-catching, Pi advertises a pragmatic approach. The CEO of Nothing is looking for the gradual growth of the company’s business and ecosystem instead of explosive growth and noisy entry; The company that started this path with the release of its first wireless headphones and will continue it with the introduction of the first smartphone. Pi said:

We are a fast follower. We didn’t invent smartphones or Android. But we have experience in this market and we see ways that can be used to do things better. Of course, there are gaps in the market. Nothing needs to address the gaps in the market and must gradually achieve a strong position. Once you become strong in this industry, you will be able to focus on doing other innovative things because your business is stable enough to stay in the market.

Although the success or failure of Phone 1 It is not clear yet, but someone like Pi is not only challenging the billion-dollar giants by introducing new smartphones, but also trying to become a major competitor in this field. At the end of the interview, he said:

I think Nothing Phone 1 is the beginning of a new trend and in fact this product is our gift to the smartphone industry. We are not saying that this phone is a revolutionary product that can dominate the market overnight, but maybe it can create a place for itself in the minds of users. The Nothing Phone 1 will encourage consumers to seek more innovative devices while encouraging larger companies to take more risks. According to Pi, some companies will fail, but in the end, the smartphone market will become much more dynamic and the speed of its development as an industry will increase.

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