Nothing Phone (1) in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Nothing Phone (1) in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

Nothing Phone (1) in the eyes of the media – weaknesses and strengths from the eyes of professionals

News department phone Nothing Phone (1) that a few days ago

As usual, before dealing with the view of technology sites, it is better to get to know the device itself a little Nothing Phone (1) in The first look is a product with a normal and common design and close to the iPhones of the last one or two years of Apple; Where the screen with flat edges and smooth side without bending together with the rounded corners of the device creates a sense of familiarity among users. By looking at the back part, the story has changed and we come across a very special and unique device that shines completely among the simple and repetitive phones these days. from old and six-year-old glass Gorilla Galss 5 is used on the back and on the device, the back part of which is designed as semi-transparent. In this part, there are four important and decisive areas including the camera lenses, the part related to the selfie camera, the central wireless charging coil and the top part of the wired charging port with integrated LED lights that light up when using each of these parts. The upper part of the wired charging port, in addition to turning on, also depicts the process of charging the battery, and thus, by looking at it, you can determine the level of charging of the battery connected to the charger without the need to turn on the device.

This combination in a structure which is called Glyph Interface, can be turned on and off in coordination with the device’s default ringtones, and a special light combination can be assigned to a special contact. Passing this case, we come across a mid-range phone with a body with IP53 resistance standard (no possibility of submersion in water) with an aluminum chassis, a 6.55-inch 10-bit OLED screen with full HD resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 50-megapixel main camera. OIS with 4K video recording, 50MP ultrawide camera with autofocus, 16MP selfie camera, processor Snapdragon 778G+ It has 5G and a 4,500mAh battery with support for 33W wired charging and 15W wireless charging.

Stereo speakers, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC connectivity and dual-frequency satellite routers are among the other features of the Nothing Phone, which Android 12 and the Nothing OS (1) user interface are presented with an experience very close to raw Android.

With this brief introduction to the specifications and features of Nothing Phone, it is time to review the opinions of different sites about this phone.

XDA developers

at XDA-developers review The Nothing Phone 1’s conclusion reads: “The Nothing Phone 1 is a perfectly good mid-range phone with some interesting ideas. I liked the clear back design and minimal software, and even if I don’t get any practical benefit from the light strips on the back, I [still] think they look good. But is this [the phone] the revolutionary, different and unique device that Pei and Nothing’s marketing [team] have been touting for months? Not.” In the rest of this article, as an example for comparison, Xiaomi 12 Lite It has the same processor and at the same time it was cheaper, and it has a fingerprint scanner and better video performance.

The positive and negative points of this phone from the point of view of XDA developers include these items:

Different design compared to other phones
Right and correct price
Good main camera and Suitable for the price
victim of self-made noise
weird orange tint of videos
slow speed of scanner effect Finger

XDA developers of the two 50 megapixel cameras of this phone, including the main camera with IMX766 sensor and the ultrawide camera with ISOCELL JN1 Samsung cites as familiar examples the former in some other products of Carl Pay’s predecessor such as OnePlus Nord 2T and the second one at OnePlus 10 Pro and iQOO 9 Pro can be found. This source expresses overall satisfaction with the quality of the phone’s main camera during the day and night, but evaluates the photos of the ultrawide camera as softer than the photos of the main camera during the day and considers the distance between them larger at night. During filming, he mentions that, for example, the color tone of the skin changes to orange. The main camera’s optical image stabilization works well, but the ultrawide camera’s digital image stabilization is quite low.


at TechRadar’s review of the Nothing Phone 1 concludes: At first glance the Nothing Phone 1 on outstanding design And the strength of its story has been established. The manufacturer has clearly taken lessons from its first product, and the amount of glamor applied to the Phone 1 exceeds expectations, while unique features such as the transparent back and the glyph exposure system highlight innovation and performance quality in a way that is often overlooked. Other phones are absent, it links together.

The positive and negative points of this phone from the point of view of TechRadar include these items:

Clean user experience based on Android Nothing OS
Clear and eye-catching design and glyph lights
Good balance between the price and performance of the device
needs to improve the user interface
probability of lag and slowness due to older mid-range chipset
disappointing battery life

Tech Radar describes taking photos with the main 50 megapixel camera of the phone as fun and fun and talks about the high shutter speed in daylight and artificial light. says High details and saturated colors are among the other things attributed to the main camera photos in this section, which do not need additional work to be shared on Instagram. From a single radar point of view, this camera is successful in taking close-up photos without using the ultrawide camera and its macro mode, and it offers a high level of bokeh (background blurring). According to this source, the ultrawide camera is at a lower level in terms of colors, details and contrast than the main camera, and the difference with this camera becomes more and more in low light. Using the glyph interface to illuminate the scene in low-light environments, called single radar, makes the frame brighter, but the range of these lights is less and they only appear successfully for subjects closer to the camera.


Engadget review of the Nothing Phone that Titled “A mid-range Android phone with a striking look,” the conclusion reads: “At the Nothing Phone 1 launch event, Carl Peay said, ‘Stability [for us while designing the phone] is more important than tons of flashy features. And there was electricity.” This comment seems strange when the biggest differentiator of your company’s new phone is actually a flashy feature. The good news is that all these efforts to make the phone look different with problematic user interface and software, mediocre cameras or disappointing body quality have not been wasted and we are actually facing a decent phone.

Engadget’s pros and cons of the Nohing Phone 1 include:

Unique transparent design

Eye-catching glyph interface
Competitive price
Decent cameras
Very useful Lack of glyph interface
Deviation of some features towards fancy features
Significant display margins

The author of the Engget article while praising Nothing Phone 1 in not using additional macro and monochrome cameras puts it in the line of Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 is equipped with powerful dual cameras. That said, you can expect sharp images in good light from the main camera, compared to the Pixel 4a offers completely similar conditions, despite the lower contrast. The only difference between these photos, according to Engget, is the more muted colors of the Phone 1 compared to the Pixel 4a. In the brighter parts of the image, some color deviations can be seen in the photos of the phone, and even though relatively favorable images are obtained at night, it cannot be compared with the best examples of this category. A little noise can be seen in these photos.

The Verge

At The Verge’s review of the Nothing Phone called it a good mid-range phone that sits beneath a lot of hype. At the end of this article, while referring to the initial concerns about choosing the chipset SD778G for this phone In practice, he cites a positive that has helped establish the Phone 1 as a worthwhile product with a different kind of buzz: “a very good phone at a reasonable price, backed by a solid and strong software support policy.” Phone 1, of course, according to the Verge, has not been able to live up to its manufacturer’s hype, because probably no consumer technology product can do this. “It’s just a phone, and that’s okay because it’s a good phone.”

Positive and negative points The Nothing Phone, according to The Verge, includes:

Fast performance
Display Pleasant OLED during use with smooth scrolling
Some unique functions of the glyph notification system
Four years security update promise
Not going beyond the normal and OK battery life
Not having a charger with it
Having no history of success to date

The Verge says about the quality of the photos taken with the cameras of this phone: the photos of the two rear cameras in full light have vivid colors and high details, and although they show a high degree of saturation, this degree Usually not too much. According to this source, the portrait photos of this phone are of good quality in sufficient light and when the subject is not so complicated, but in low light, details are lost and strong noise invades them. The strange behavior of HDR, which works well in some subjects and does not work in others under similar conditions, is one of the other points mentioned in this section, as well as the optical stabilizer, which works in low-light environments and at shutter speeds less than 1/30 second. According to this article, it does not have the same approach and does not create sharpie images in some scenes. The source also described videos from the main camera as “generally good” with a combination of digital and optical image stabilization. The shrinking of the image frame in the transition from 1080p to 4K resolution and its shrinking again by activating the anti-shake system and the presence of HDR at 30 frame rate and its absence at 60 frame rate are other points that are mentioned in this section.

Tech Advisor

Review Tech Advisor’s Nothing Phone 1 has revolved around the question of whether this phone lives up to the hype or if it’s just a good, reasonably priced phone that’s great value for its hardware specs. Does it offer itself? In the conclusion section of this article we read: “Phone (1) is a complete success as a mobile phone. The limited battery life, minor bugs, and issues I encountered are the device’s only real weaknesses, while its capable cameras, IP53 rating, and wireless charging all put it above the pack.” The author of this article goes on to appreciate the beautiful design of the device, which does not look boring and repetitive, but still does not consider this model to be a revolutionary example and points out that leaving aside all the “shiny parts”, there are practically no other points that We have not seen this in any other phone, and for example, folding phones have made bigger changes in the way we use mobile phones.

The positive and negative points of Nothing Phone from Tech Advisor’s point of view include:

Unique and impressive design
Great dual rear cameras
Wireless charging
Average processing performance
Battery life below average
Presence of number A little bug

The author of the article Tech Advisor describes the cameras Nothing Phone (1) says: “The camera suite is undoubtedly the basic feature of the device that [the company] “Nothing has pushed it beyond [the other device hardware] to the point where it’s far behind a lot of the competition.” Unlike most other phones in this category, which are equipped with three or four cameras on the back, and often only one of them is good enough to use, Nothing Phone (1) uses two cameras, although none of them have the quality of flagships, but with Considering the price, both are considered to be capable examples, but of course, they face a drop in quality at night. In this article, the quality of the photos of the main camera in sufficient light is praised, and even up to 2x zoom, according to this article, this quality is not reduced. At night, thanks to OIS, images are produced that are described as “good enough”, but still below the flagship category. According to Tech Advisor, the ultrawide camera shows a visible decrease in the quality of the images due to its smaller Samsung sensor, which look washed out and faded compared to the main camera. In the absence of OIS, the photos of this camera at night also drop more and its details fade even more. Of course, this camera is still better than many of its peers, but you shouldn’t expect to see the same quality as the original camera.


at CNET review of the Nothing Phone (1) with headline “An affordable phone with flashy extras,” we read: “This is a 5G phone that has a lot going for it, from the simple user interface to generally solid performance, and most importantly, its quirky clear design with unique bright LEDs.” To the person in the back section, he has done it right. According to the author of CNET, Nothing Phone is a competitor for iPhone 13 Pro or Galaxy S22 Ultra and no attempt To compete in this field, this phone has become a product that is presented for everyday use at a reasonable price by leaving out unnecessary features in both hardware and software sections.

The positive and negative points of Nothing Phone ( 1) From CNET’s point of view, they include:

affordable price
Gorgeous and unique design
Powerful processor and camera
Possibility of better battery life
Unnecessary and misleading appearance of the back lights for some people Rebran

CNET is satisfied with the photos taken with the main camera and speaks of their vivid colors and high details, which compare face to face with iPhone 13 Pro performs better. According to this source, the ultrawide camera also performs its work well in the right light, but an obvious change in the color balance can be seen in its images. The episode concludes: “Nothing’s cameras are by no means the best cameras out there, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you should pay more than twice as much for the Galaxy S22 Ultra Spend. For the price, the Phone (1)’s cameras perform well, and if you’re looking to capture vivid photos of your next family vacation, they’ll be perfect for you.”


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