New Year’s special: the best tablet of 2015 from the perspective of the hardware website

New Year’s special: the best tablet of 2015 from the perspective of the hardware website

New Year’s special: the best tablet of 2015 from the perspective of the hardware website

2015 was a fruitful year for users and companies active in the technology sector. As per the routine of every year, new technologies have opened their feet to the world of digital devices and also sectors such as smart watches have also expanded their sphere of influence among users. Also, different companies launched many gadgets in the market, which are placed in the segments of smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and other cases, and of course there is a very heavy competition between These companies were in progress. In accordance with the end of 2015 and the beginning of the new year, we intend to introduce the best devices of 2015 in a number of active sectors from the perspective of the hardware website in today’s special issue. Stay with us in the future.


The first part we will cover are tablets. The world of tablets has become lively again after a period of stagnation and companies have been able to determine their purpose of being in this sector. Until now, tablets were only devices for consuming content, and for this reason, there were many speculations about their infrequent use and the gradual forgetting of these gadgets, but perhaps it is possible to introduce a few products as a turning point in the world of tablets.

Taking into account all the conditions as well as numerous devices introduced in 2015, the title of the best tablet of the year from the perspective of the hardware website goes to Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft. This device, which is considered the latest generation of Surface series products, has taken more and more steps in the direction of evolution and implements the original idea of ​​Microsoft to provide a device to replace laptops in the best possible way. If there were problems in the Surface family in the previous generations (lack of programs for Windows RT, inappropriate dimensions, heavy weight, and also the lack of a logical connection between the tablet mode and the desktop mode), Surface Pro 4 has solved these problems well and It can be called a tablet that will replace your laptop. The use of the latest Intel processors as well as numerous configurations that provide users with higher RAM memory and more storage space are among the hardware advantages of Microsoft tablets, which we are unlikely to be able to deal with by any other company. Also, redesigning the keyboard of this product to improve the typing experience and using a more sensitive glass trackpad has made creating content with Surface Pro 4 easier than ever. Windows Hello is one of the new features introduced by Microsoft, which is also present in the Surface Pro 4, and with the help of which the user can log in to his user account through the iris sensor without having to enter a password or use a fingerprint. Low weight and very beautiful and durable design are other prominent features of Surface Pro 4. But perhaps the winning card of Surface Pro 4 is its operating system. Windows 10, by learning from the mistakes that were made on Windows 8 and 8.1, provides an intermediate mode in the best possible way for using the device in tablet and desktop conditions, and other previous confusions in the switch between the touch user interface (for tablet mode) and The classic user interface (for laptop mode) is not visible. The font of this device, by improving its performance, creates an experience closer to writing with common fonts for the user than ever before. All in all, Surface Pro 4 can be considered one of the best products introduced in 2015 and, of course, the best tablet of the year from the perspective of the hardware website.

Surface Pro 4 specifications

Display 12.3 inches
Display resolution 2736*1824
pixel density 267ppi
Dimensions 8.45*201.42*292.10 mm
Weight 786 grams
Camera main 8 megapixel – secondary 5 megapixel
Processor Intel CoreM – i5 – i7
Graphic processor Intel Iris 540
RAM memory from 4 to 16 GB
Internal storage space from 128 GB to 1 TB
Memory card
operating system Windows 10
Communications 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible

Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

Ports Full-size USB 3.0

microSD Card reader

Headset jack

Mini DisplayPort

Cover port

Surface Connect

Battery 5087 mAh


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