New ROG series motherboards and desktop systems were introduced; Asus armed to the teeth!

New ROG series motherboards and desktop systems were introduced; Asus armed to the teeth!

New ROG series motherboards and desktop systems were introduced; Asus armed to the teeth!

At the exhibition IFA 2017 which is being held in Berlin, Asus company has a busy day. has passed This company has introduced various products in the field of gaming for desktop computers, laptops, motherboards, screens, virtual reality and…


ROG GT51 Desktop

This monster appears to have a flaming heart or a eye. is furious within himself. ROG GT51 includes a 4-core and 8-thread Core i7-7700K Intel processor, two GeForce graphics cards GTX 1080 Nvidia in the form of SLI and 64 GB RAM DDR4 with a frequency of 2800 MHz. Inside this desktop computer, Aegis III triple technology for overclocking is included.

ROG strix GD30 desktop

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This computer giant is like a robot in sci-fi movies and has the least lighting of the Rogue (Republic) series. of Gamers) which was exhibited at the IFA exhibition. The front panels of this product are detachable for further customization. Inside this case, a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor is used. Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti graphics card is used for graphics; A port is also included on the case for easy SSD replacement.

ROG motherboards

ROG Rampage VI Extreme

This motherboard supports Intel X299 platform. The specifications and facilities used in this motherboard have pushed the boundaries of technology, and along with these technologies, a good cooling system is responsible for heat dissipation.

ROG Zenith Extreme

ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard is intended for AMD’s X399 platform . This motherboard supports the new Threadripper processors. The new Asus product has used advanced facilities for cooling, overclocking and lighting.

ROG Strix X399-E

As the name of this product suggests, it targets AMD’s X399 platform. ROG Strix X399-E supports 3 graphics ports with double width, and two NVMe SSDs. This product benefits from an improved cooling system, intelligent overclocking, advanced connections and RGB lighting.

ROG Strix X299-E Gaming In addition to the new RGB lighting system, it uses. The ROG Strix X299-E Gaming uses bases for further customization, so that enthusiasts can use 3D printing to create a motherboard with a unique look and feel.

Three models of these boards by groups participating in the (ASUS (PBA) program ROG Zenith Extreme and ROG Strix X399-E Gaming by Caseking Germany and ROG Strix X299-E Gaming by Scan computers Made in England.

New Asus products with multiple designs and advanced lighting system are ready to enter the turbulent computer market, what do you think about these products?

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