New information about the future of Surface and Xbox has been revealed

New information about the future of Surface and Xbox has been revealed

New information about the future of Surface and Xbox has been revealed

Microsoft, this year during E3 2018, one of the best conferences and in addition to introducing dozens of new games, he also shared new information with users. Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox at During the same conference, it was announced that Microsoft is preparing to design and build newer Xbox consoles. No one knew what Phil Spencer meant by these words and when these new consoles are going to be released; But now one of the sources close to Microsoft, to confidential information about Xbox and Surface has been achieved. According to this information, we can now guess when the new Xbox consoles will be introduced and what the future of Surface products will look like.

Brad Sams from the website Thurrott, It says that the next generation Xbox game console is codenamed Scarlett and Microsoft is considering it Introduce in 2020. Last year, Microsoft launched Xbox One X and introduced a new console with a gap of 3 years. It looks interesting. According to this report, Microsoft may continue to use AMD’s APU technology to develop backward compatibility (support for games from previous generations of Xbox) as one of the strengths of its consoles. continues. If Microsoft does this, current hardware will not become obsolete with the introduction of Scarlett. Like the relationship between the Xbox One X and the original Xbox One, Scarlett simply brings more advanced and new features. which include stronger graphics and higher frame rate.

As mentioned earlier, Phil Spencer said that Microsoft is preparing to design and build newer consoles. When Spencer mentions “consoles”, it means that we should wait for the introduction of other products as well. Sources at Thurrott’s website say that Scarlett is a codename for a family of consoles and is not limited to a single console. This news is very interesting; But more interestingly, Microsoft is currently working on a new cloud service that can stream console gameplay with the same quality on any device. Companies like EA and Ubisoft are also working on their own cloud streaming services.

  • Probability of launching a game streaming service by Microsoft in the next 3 years
  • Microsoft will introduce a device with two screens in 2018

New Surfaces

In the leaked information, there are also details about Surface devices have arrived. These reports are also reposted by Brad Sams of Thurrott’s website. This person’s sources have confirmed that Microsoft is also going to introduce a cheaper $400 Surface device to complement Apple’s iPads. to challenge We had heard this news before; But its authenticity was not confirmed. This new device is known by the code name Libra and it is expected that Microsoft will introduce it before the end of this year. This device has a 10-inch screen and uses the Surface charging port and USB-C.

Another device that Microsoft will introduce this year is a Surface with the code name Andromeda (Andromeda). Intel, this year at Computex 2018 unveiled a computer with two touch screens, which Andromeda is said to be a similar product; But it may have some differences in appearance. Asus, like Intel, is working on a product with two screens, codenamed Precog; But according to leaked information, the Andromeda device is quite innovative and is small enough to fit in a pocket. We have always seen that when Microsoft introduces a new Surface, other hardware partners such as Dell and HP, get inspiration from it and launch new products based on it. Now it seems that these partners have decided to introduce their product before the release of Andromeda.

The Andromeda device will be introduced this year

The next generation Surface Pro is also The codename is known as Carmel and Microsoft has not yet announced an exact date for its introduction. In the leaked information, there is no mention of the new generation of products such as Surface Studio or Surface Laptop.


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