New images of the Pixel 7 Pro prototype have been seen

New images of the Pixel 7 Pro prototype have been seen

New images of the Pixel 7 Pro prototype have been seen

The next generation of flagship smartphones Google will probably be unveiled in October. However, the company has already shared images of these products so that we can get to know more about their appearance style. Now the Soulpee Twitter account has released new images of the Pixel 7 Pro prototype. The Google logo can be seen on the back of this model and even its software confirms that this image is indeed of the Pixel 7 Pro prototype. have? According to the whistleblower who shared these photos, this phone was sent to his friend through Facebook Market. He says that his friend ordered Pixel 6 Pro and instead of this model It has been sent to him, but this story does not seem to be true. Regardless, this model appears to be a true prototype of the Pixel 7 Pro; Therefore, the method of receiving it is not very important.

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By AndroidAuthority In the first image, the back of the Pixel 7 Pro prototype can be seen in full. The second image also shows the information of the device and words like Cheetah indicate the code name of this phone. Finally, the third image shows the prototype of Google’s future flagship in the Pixel 6 Pro frame. Therefore, you probably can’t use the Pixel 6 Pro protective case for the Pixel 7 Pro. As always, we expect to see more reports about these phones as we get closer to the official announcement date of the Google Pixel 7 series.

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