Nest Wi-Fi was introduced, a mesh router equipped with a speaker and Google Assistant smart features

Nest Wi-Fi was introduced, a mesh router equipped with a speaker and Google Assistant smart features

Nest Wi-Fi was introduced, a mesh router equipped with a speaker and Google Assistant smart features

It is natural for everyone to want reliable wifi with a stable connection in every room of their house. If it is possible to give your Google Assistant voice commands with a voice Hear it loud and clear everywhere in the house, it will get better; isn’t it? Google, with the introduction of Nest WiFi mesh router system (Nest Wifi ), presented a new way to simultaneously expand the range of Internet and its voice spectrum.

Google in Last night’s Pixel 4 event unveiled Nest Wifi, a new version of Google WiFi, the company’s popular mesh router system. This system consists of a new and circular “Nest Wifi Router” that connects to the modem and a separate “Nest Wifi Point” which, compared to the previous generation, extends the WiFi coverage to 25 Increases the percentage. Google claims that this amount is enough for a house with an area of ​​350 square meters, and the important thing is that the mentioned point has a built-in smart speaker of Google Assistant (Google Assistant).

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The price of one piece A Nest Wi-Fi router and a Nest Wi-Fi point together is $269, and if you want to buy an additional Nest Wi-Fi point, you have to pay $349. Each Nest Wi-Fi Point device is $149 on its own, and a Nest Wi-Fi router is $149 without other devices. The pre-sale of these devices starts today and will be available to buyers in eight countries on November 4. The Point comes in three different colors: white, brown, and blue, but it seems that the router will only be produced in white.

The new Google router is an AC2200 system, which means that it supports Wi-Fi 5 connections. has the current generation; But Google considers it too early to add support for the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. Sanjay Noronha, head of product for Nest Wi-Fi, says:

It won’t be until 2022 that [Wi-Fi 6] devices make their way into homes, and that’s when Point Wi-Fi 6 It will make sense at home. For this reason, our philosophy is how to make these products efficient today?

Maximum combined speed of about 2200 Mbps (compared to 1200 Mbps in the last version) provided from the same device) is in all bands. But the actual speed that the user will experience will be lower than this rate, because you can only connect to one band at a time. Anyway, like the previous generation of these devices, Nest Wi-Fi automatically tracks and directs the user in the band while moving in different parts of the house to keep his connection as stable and uniform as possible.

In today’s saturated market, Nest Wi-Fi has set itself apart from the competition by using a distinctive design and a built-in Google Assistant speaker. This device is very similar to the first Google Wi-Fi that was introduced in 2016 along with the Pixel, and users used to buy several similar units to strengthen internet signals at home. The router device, which has a smart design, is slightly taller than the original devices and has a shape similar to a marshmallow instead of a cylindrical design. Google’s new products have a cute shape and take full advantage of Google’s design features.

Google’s exclusive Nest Wi-Fi Point has no Ethernet port, which means it can be placed anywhere in the house. This device has the same sound quality, voice controls, far-field microphones and touch controls on each device. Physically, Nest Wi-Fi has a small size and the speaker output is located on its lower arch. When the device is listening to the user’s voice commands and sending them to the Google cloud, the lamp around the base of the Nest Point starts to glow, and when the microphones are in silent mode, this ring turns orange.

We found that Wi-Fi Point’s performance will double if it moves away from the ground; Not to hide it in the closet. Having a great design, having features you actually want to interact with, and [also] having an assistant built into it makes it a much better Wi-Fi system.

Google claims that the sound quality on each Nest Point is much better than nothing Which is to be expected, since the device’s need for extra internal space for antennas and heat dissipation means there’s plenty of room for sound to move around through the speakers. These speakers emit sounds downwards. You can easily pause or resume audio playback, or even turn the volume up and down using the touch control tool on each device. Just like you’ll see on the new Nest Mini, when you move your hand toward the device, the lights light up to show you where the voice controls are.

Another notable thing is that the Nest Wi-Fi Now, it has four antennas for up to four simultaneous wireless connections (4×4). If you’re using a client like a MacBook Pro that supports multiple antennas, you’ll be able to combine the speeds of the simultaneous streams to achieve faster Wi-Fi.

The new hardware is also compatible with the first generation Google Wi-Fi settings. Therefore, you can connect the Nest Point and its built-in speakers to your system, and if you want to upgrade it to a new Nest router, Google Wi-Fi access points can easily connect to it and extend its signals.

Google, with its new product, internet speed doubles and increases its coverage by 25 times. They’ve also added some Wi-Fi-specific voice commands to these devices, including disconnecting kids as part of the parental control feature; Other features include: setting the app to use and restricting allowed websites. Google says that using the Assistant to control your Wi-Fi network is as easy as saying “Hey Google, pause the Wi-Fi for Daniel” (meaning: Hey Google, pause the Wi-Fi for Daniel), and in this way, you can distract children from the Internet and towards Attract yourself. Nest Wi-Fi Point is a fully advanced assistant capable of controlling other smart devices, playing music and answering questions.

Nest Wi-Fi can be controlled using the Google Home Set up and manage Assistant on all smart devices and does not require a separate Google Wi-Fi client. Options for family management along with setting preferences for the device, speed test and other settings are available through the same app. It has not yet reached the final stage. This protocol is a competitor of Earo, which has also been stopped in the development stage for a long time. Of course, Google says Thread won’t be operational until 2020.

Since three years ago when Google launched its Google Wifi system at a price of $299 and with three features, routers Mesh has become a popular way to reduce Wi-Fi blind spots in different corners of the house, and every important and influential company in the field of router production has offered a similar device. According to Google, their original Google Wi-Fi has managed to win the title of the best-selling router in the United States and Canada.

Although many of Google’s competitors have launched routers with higher speeds and more user-friendly features, the Aero It can be seen as Google’s closest competitor for providing a simpler experience of using Wi-Fi that covers all the corners of the house with Internet waves, and also, the pioneering company in making Wi-Fi Mesh is cheaper and easier to install. This Wi-Fi can be easily installed by replacing two of the three routers and their cables with “Beacon” and connected to the wall sockets; Google’s new Point does not have this capability.

Amazon bought Iro at the beginning of this year and it is a big opportunity for Google’s biggest competitor in The industry of voice assistants provided Wi-Fi market. They quickly introduced the new Eero router for $99, which gives users the ability to turn off the Internet of the desired devices using Alexa voice control. Now it looks like the tech giant is challenging Amazon to the fray by adding real microphones to Google’s new piece of hardware. With the new Google product, you no longer need to set up a Google smart speaker in your living room.

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