Motorola’s next flagship will probably use a 200-megapixel camera and 125-watt charging

Motorola’s next flagship will probably use a 200-megapixel camera and 125-watt charging

Motorola’s next flagship will probably use a 200-megapixel camera and 125-watt charging

In recent years, the mobile industry has become somewhat unpredictable. These conditions have caused a number of smartphone manufacturers to constantly use it and repeatedly test duplicates in the vain hope of achieving different results.

According to phonearena Unpredictability isn’t always the best strategy, at least for The supply of flagship products does not work well. For example, a few years ago, Motorola suddenly decided to distance itself from its flagships and broke this gap with the introduction of the Moto Edge Plus 2020. Then a year and a half later, it introduced the first phone equipped with Snapdragon 888 and now it plans to unveil the first phone equipped with Snapdragon 8 generation one. It has been claimed that Motorola will introduce another 5G flagship. This phone will be much more attractive than Moto G200 or Moto Edge X30. Let’s first take a look at the rumored specifications of this new phone:

  • Snapdragon SM8475 chip
  • 6.67-inch OLED screen with 144Hz refresh rate and Full HD+ resolution
    • Triple rear camera consisting of a 200 megapixel main camera and a 50 megapixel secondary camera and a 12 megapixel camera
    • 60 megapixel selfie camera
    • Using 8 or 12 GB of RAM memory and 128 or 256 GB of storage memory
    • Support for super-fast 120W wired charging
    • 50W wireless charging capability
    • Default operating system Android 12

    This phone is like Other flagship models in the market seem to be excellent devices in terms of technical specifications; But before you get too excited, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

    Don’t expect this flagship anytime soon

    In case you haven’t noticed, there’s still no Snapdragon SM8475 processor. And this is just the advanced silicon model number that Qualcomm is working on and will apparently be introduced as the next Snapdragon 8 generation one replacement.

    The first generation Snapdragon 8 processor was unveiled about two months ago; Therefore, technically the next generation of this processor still has a long way to go. If there are really serious problems with the overheating of the Snapdragon 8 generation 1 processor, maybe the hypothesis of a completely new chip is not too far from the mind. However, we are not sure that the device, which is currently only codenamed ” Frontier” is known, it will be introduced before the fall or not. It is also possible that the specifications mentioned for the next Motorola flagship will change before the official unveiling.

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    Previously, it was reported that Motorola will use a 200 megapixel camera made by Samsung in an unknown device. It’s worth noting that the 50-megapixel camera on Motorola’s next 5G flagship is likely to be the same ultra-wide camera used in the OnePlus 10 Pro. Apparently, Motorola will use a 12-megapixel telephoto camera to complete the rear camera module of its next flagship. In addition, this device is expected to be equipped with a 60-megapixel OmniVision camera; That is, the same camera used in the Moto Edge X30. However, the X30 uses 68W wired charging and does not support wireless charging technology. In terms of comparison, we should mention that the Frontier phone can even compete with other phones such as the OnePlus 10 Pro in terms of charging speed. Apparently, Motorola plans to increase its efforts to compete with companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple with a powerful new 5G flagship.

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