Motorola is working on a smartphone with a rollable display

Motorola is working on a smartphone with a rollable display

Motorola is working on a smartphone with a rollable display

Which brand launched the first smartphone equipped with a rollable screen? Before it completely exited the smartphone business last year, LG came close to releasing a phone known as the LG Rollable. Oppo also produced a concept phone with a rollable screen in 2020, and according to rumors, its commercial version will be released this year.

A new report from Gizmochina indicates that Motorola also has a phone with a rollable display in the works, with Code name Felix is ​​known. Now it remains to be seen if Motorola will succeed in launching it as the world’s first smartphone with a rollable screen.

According to 91mobiles, Motorola Felix will be very different from LG and Oppo rollable phones had At first glance, these devices look like normal smartphones. The screen of Oppo and LG was such that it opened horizontally to become a tablet.

OPPO X 2021 concept design with Rollable display

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According to the report, Motorola’s first rollable smartphone will have a flexible display that extends vertically. In compact mode, a third of the screen can be wrapped around a rotating axis at the bottom and facing back. However, the specifications and the final marketing name of the phone are not yet known.

It is said that Motorola Felix is ​​in the early stages of development; That is, until the time of release, there will probably be changes in the design. Additionally, since the company does not have a hardware prototype for Felix, the software designed for it will be based on a modified version of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro It has been tested. Hence, the Motorola Felix is ​​likely to hit the market in about a year. More information about the Motorola Felix is ​​expected to be released in the coming months.

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