Motorola filed a patent for a folding phone with an external display

Motorola filed a patent for a folding phone with an external display

Motorola filed a patent for a folding phone with an external display

Motorola was one of the first companies to release foldable phones and now, almost a year and a half after the introduction of the Moto Razr and the 5G version, there was no news of a new foldable phone. However, during this time, Samsung was able to attract more customers to this phone by unveiling the Galaxy Z Flip series folding phone and offering a more suitable price and specifications.

According to androidauthority WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has granted a patent for a long foldable phone and Another slimmer like the Razr has received a rather odd design as well. This patent shows Motorola’s Razer phone with the ability to fold outwards, which is different from the company’s previous folding designs. In other words, the foldable screen stays out when folded.

This mode has an interesting design; Because compared to the previous folding phones Motorola or the Galaxy Z Flip family, it will not need a separate external screen. Instead, part of the foldable screen is used as an external display, possibly for notifications, camera, etc.

As seen in this patent, there is a potential weakness for this foldable: the foldable screen with this The case is not protected against scratches and other damages. So, if Motorola were to implement this type of design, it would ideally require more durable display technology.

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In general, the Chinese company Royole foldable phone Flex Pie 2 and Huawei Mate X or Mate XS were previously released similar to this mode; But folding with this new mode will be for the first time in a Motorola phone.

Needless to say, the patents may never become reality. Therefore, we should not wait for Motorola to produce this phone.

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