Microsoft’s new invention to increase the battery life of the Surface Book

Microsoft’s new invention to increase the battery life of the Surface Book

Microsoft’s new invention to increase the battery life of the Surface Book

Surface Book Microsoft has many features that make it look very special. This dual device can be used as a laptop with great features and a large tablet. So as long as this device has many enthusiasts and is welcomed, there is room to fix its defects.

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Microsoft recently in an article about improvements This laptop has spoken:

Using multiple batteries in electronic devices is one of the ways to increase battery life after full charge. When the batteries are connected in parallel, they show special features in charging (both in terms of charging capacity and in terms of the amount of charging at a certain time). However, it may be possible to connect the batteries in series to increase the voltage or to parallel them to keep the voltage constant; But the battery capacity will increase. Thus, a specific charging and discharging time can be defined for the battery in two modes. However, it should be noted that if the batteries chosen for this task have different charging characteristics, maintaining the battery life will depend on the normal functioning of the batteries. For example, if we charge a low-capacity battery with a charging speed exceeding the specified value, the battery will suffer serious problems. Also, if we charge the high-capacity battery at a rate lower than the specified value, the charging time will be long and may affect the performance of the battery during discharge.

To solve these problems in some systems, rechargeable batteries Different parts of the system are separated so that they are not connected during charging. For example, when charging a high-capacity battery and a low-capacity battery, there may be two charging modes: serial or parallel mode. The sequential charging mode has the problem that it is time-consuming and if the connection to the electricity is lost during charging, two batteries may be in different charging modes and as a result, one of them will charge from the other and this charging will be at an inappropriate speed. . The parallel charging mode also has the drawback that it is much more expensive and when we reconnect the batteries after charging, they may not have a balanced charge. Of course, it should be noted that in There is another problem with using batteries with different charging characteristics, and that is the speed of their discharge, which causes them to be in a different state of charge (batteries will not have the same charge level in a certain period of time after being fully charged). This creates another problem. If two batteries that are connected to each other in the circuit do not have the same charge; For example, if one of them has 70% charge and the other has 20% charge, the battery that has more charge will automatically discharge to charge the other one. Now, if the speed of this discharge is high due to the large capacity difference between the two batteries and the internal resistance of each battery and the resistance between the batteries, the current that is established between the two batteries may exceed the specified amount and as a result, the useful life of the second battery will be greatly reduced. .

Microsoft to solve this The problem has provided a solution that can control the flow between two batteries with different characteristics; As a result, the charging and discharging process will be faster and much more effective.

The system we have here includes at least two batteries with different charging characteristics connected in parallel and is supposed to be connected to the charger. be charged a unit. In addition, there is a charge control circuit in the device that places a variable resistance in the path between the charger and the first battery. This current control circuit adjusts the charging speed based on the parameters received from the first battery; As a result, the variable resistor in the circuit will be adjusted so that the first battery is charged at the right speed. Use it in the next model of Facebook.

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