Microsoft unveiled the Surface SE laptop; A new competitor for Chromebooks

Microsoft unveiled the Surface SE laptop; A new competitor for Chromebooks

Microsoft unveiled the Surface SE laptop; A new competitor for Chromebooks

Microsoft has tried for years to overtake Google in the field of competition with Chromebooks and has a place in the category of school products. to earn The Surface Laptop SE is Microsoft’s latest explicit attempt to compete with Google in the Chromebook and student laptop market. The newest member of the Surface laptop family, with its price of $249, is considered the most affordable Surface at the moment. Be very popular among students. Chrome operating system also provides teachers and IT administrators with a relatively complete range of tools, software, and educational essentials. Therefore, it is not surprising that the people of Redmond have decided to make their presence more prominent in this arena.

  • Microsoft’s Windows 11 SE, the new competitor to Chrome OS, was introduced

Surface Laptop SE is sold exclusively to students and schools through educational suppliers. This product runs a proprietary version of Windows 11 called Windows 11 SE which is a version focused on cloud functions and optimized for educational purposes that preserves the initial appearance of Windows 11 and is part of Microsoft’s current efforts to compete in the field of educational products. This version provides special capabilities to school administrators and IT managers that allow them to monitor the programs installed by students and store their user profile settings in the cloud. Windows 11 SE also comes with Microsoft 365 educational edition, which will complement learning programs in schools.

This laptop is priced from $249 to $329 depending on the configuration and comes with a dual-core Celeron N4020 or quad-core Celeron N4120 processor with integrated graphics.Intel will be sold in 64 GB and 128 GB versions with 4 and 8 GB memory capacity. In fact, this product does not have impressive hardware configuration and specifications, but it is justified considering that it targets the student laptop market, and the hardware is similar to what is expected from a Chromebook with the same price.

Microsoft’s new product It has an 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and the body is entirely made of plastic. Therefore, this is the first Surface in the last 7 years that comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Before that, with the launch of the third generation Surface Pro, Microsoft changed the aspect ratio of all Surface brand products to 3:2.Surface Laptop Go’s $549 looks disappointing, the Surface Laptop SE’s screen resolution the biggest sticking point It seems to be its weakness. Currently, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is equipped with a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels at the same price of $249 as the Surface Laptop SE.

Weighs 1.1 kg, Bluetooth version 5 and a 1-megapixel front camera with The 720p resolution, which seems sufficient for Microsoft Teams meetings, completes the key specifications of this product. Also, two USB-A and USB type C ports and a 3.5 mm headphone jack accompany this laptop. For the first time in the history of Surface products, this device is charged from the regular cylindrical DC port, which means that it comes without the Surface Connect magnetic port. According to Microsoft, the battery of this device will accompany students for up to 16 hours for the mentioned functions.

Another detail that Microsoft explained about the Surface Laptop SE was its repairability. Over the past 18 months, this software giant has been discussing with IT supervisors about the issues and problems of maintaining school educational products, and repairability has been one of the main concerns and the focus of this conversation. As a result, this company has made significant efforts in relation to the easy repairability of its products, and by presenting this product, it takes its first step in this direction.

This laptop uses standard screws in its base, and supervisors can Instead of having to send the device in for repair and wait for weeks for it to be repaired, they can get spare parts through authorized service providers and easily replace parts such as display, battery, keyboard and even motherboard. Despite the promise of easy repairability, this product is not upgradable, and unlike the recently released surfaces, its temporary memory and storage cannot be increased because they are soldered to the device’s board.

The Surface Laptop SE will go on sale in early 2022 in the US, UK, Canada and Japan markets. However, this product will not be the only device that will benefit from Windows 11 SE. Microsoft will work with its hardware partners to provide budget laptops based on this version of Windows 11, and in the future we will probably see more variety of laptops in this category with better specifications and more competitive prices.

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