Meet Microsoft’s Lifecam Cinema HD and HD-3000 webcams

Meet Microsoft’s Lifecam Cinema HD and HD-3000 webcams

Meet Microsoft’s Lifecam Cinema HD and HD-3000 webcams

Although many users in the field of hardware know Microsoft with Surface series computers; But this giant of the technology world is one of the largest manufacturers of computer accessories that has been designing and producing high-quality products in this field for years. Webcam is one of the parts of Microsoft’s product portfolio, which is produced and marketed in different types and applications. Currently, Microsoft’s Lifecam series webcams consist of three products: Studio, Cinema and HD-3000.

Lifecam Studio with features such as 1080p resolution, automatic focus, 360 degree angle change and built-in microphone is currently the flagship of Microsoft webcams. However, the HD and HD-3000 cinema models are considered one of the best options in the market for home and commercial use, with their affordable price and practical features. The main use of webcams can be personal or group video chat and use it for game streaming. According to the application and the environment used, the most appropriate option should be chosen, which will be followed by the performance of Microsoft products in each of these fields.

Specifications / Product Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000
Dimensions 55.8 x 24 x 45.9 mm
Recording resolution 720 × 1280 720 × 1280
Film rate 30 fps
Focus Type Automatic Fixed
Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0
built-in microphone has
operating system Windows 7 and later, Mac OS 10.7 and later (some features will be limited) Windows 7 and later, Mac OS 10.7 and later (some features will be limited)
Other features 16:9 image ratio, certified for use in Skype, easy to use and no need to install drivers, TrueColor technology, detection face, universal base to connect to various devices, lens with high-quality lens 16:9 image ratio, certified for use in Skype, easy to use and no need to install drivers, TrueColor technology, ambient noise cancellation technology Universal base for connecting to different devices Price: 522,000 Tomans 299 000 Tomans

Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000


Microsoft’s economic webcam uses a simple design that, in addition to its simplicity, has very small dimensions and weight; This allows HD-3000 to add simplicity and beauty to the user’s working environment. The microphone and LED status of the device are also located in its front part. Thanks to the built-in microphone, there is no need to buy a separate model to make video calls. Also, the LED of the device will flash to notify the user of the start of the imaging operation.

Lifecam HD-3000 only has the ability to rotate in its vertical axis to easily change the camera’s viewing angle. have the This has caused you to have to change the position of the webcam stand or use a longer or shorter chair to adjust the height of the image view.

Installation and setup

To use Lifecam HD-3000, just connect it to your computer to install the drivers automatically and You will be able to use it moments later. Of course, if you are using Windows 7 or older versions such as XP and Vista, to use the webcam you have to download the drivers from the official Microsoft website and install them manually.

Microsoft webcams are specially designed for use in software The company’s video conference, both Skype and the business version of Skype, have been optimized. So, if you use these software for your video chat, Lifecam series products will be very suitable options. Of course, this does not mean that it does not work well in other software, and by applying the appropriate settings, you can easily use these webcams in any environment.


Microsoft HD-3000 has the ability to shoot videos with a maximum resolution of 720P and a rate of 30 frames per second in Messenger, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch software. The possibility of recording 720P clips is also available through Windows Camera software. If you are looking for a capable webcam with the ability to record 1080P clips and high details, the HD-3000 will definitely not meet your needs. This device will only be suitable for video conversations in office environments with sufficient light. The True Color function is also available to adjust the brightness of the environment and the concentration of colors to create a natural and beautiful image. The biggest problem of Lifecam HD-3000 is its high noise and low details, which makes this webcam only suitable for personal video chats.

The built-in microphone with the ability to target ambient noise is also used to receive clear and expressive sound. has been Of course, if clear sound recording is very important to you, it is suggested to look for higher quality products; In this field, Lifecam HD-3000 only seeks to meet the basic needs and does not include special features such as high-end webcams, such as receiving multi-directional sound of the environment, the possibility of conducting online group chats and receiving the voice of users from a long distance, effectively removing the noise of the environment.

Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD


Lifecam Cinema is the middle member of the family of Microsoft webcams, which uses the design language of its more expensive brother. A metal body and a design language similar to a telescope (similar to Apple iSight) have made this product finally have an attractive design and become a beautiful member of the work environment. In addition to using aluminum in the construction of the webcam body, Microsoft has used high-quality lenses in the lens of this device to bring a clear and clear image along with the feeling of a quality and luxury product.

2 meter long cable, small size, light weight and flexible rubber base of Cinema HD allow this webcam to be placed in different places Gives. With its high flexibility, the rubber base embedded in the webcam can be changed to different modes, such as C-shaped mode to be placed on the monitor and TV or L-shaped mode to be used on the table. Along with a flexible and functional base, Cinema HD has the ability to change the vertical and horizontal angle of its base to give users a lot of freedom to adjust their image frame.

LED device status light on its front It is set to flash when the webcam starts. The built-in and multi-directional microphone of Lifecam Cinema HD is installed in its upper part to be able to receive sound from different directions and remove ambient noise.

Installation and setup

Like other members of the Lifecam family, the Microsoft Cinema webcam is automatically installed and ready to use after connecting to the computer. Of course, this feature will not be available in older versions of Windows and macOS operating systems, and to use it, you have to go to Microsoft’s official website and download the relevant driver, then manually install it on your computer.

Microsoft Lifecam software is also used to apply attractive filters (color filters and distortion) to the image, change webcam settings, record sound And the image is also available. Of course, the special version of this software for Windows 10 and 8 is not available; To record images and sounds, you can use advanced Windows applications such as Camera and Voice Recorder.

Like other Microsoft products, Lifecam Cinema is specially optimized to use this company’s services. In this regard, if you use Skype to make your video calls, you will be able to use this webcam easily without applying any special settings. Of course, this does not mean that it is not possible to use Cinema HD in other software, and this member of the Lifecam family, like its other vectors, will perform its duties well in all audio and video conversation software.


The biggest feature of Microsoft Cinema HD is the autofocus, which brings the possibility of recording clearer images. Of course, considering the usage and price of this webcam, you cannot expect fast focusing capabilities in different environments such as cameras and using it as one of the vlogging equipment. The focus operation will need time to detect the subject and focus on it. However, considering the use of the device (making video calls) and the constant distance between the subject and the camera, the performance of HD cinema is very good in this regard.

Using a high-quality lens, face detection, automatic focus and TrueColor technology has made the first moment of using the HD cinema to a higher quality of its images compared to HD. Find out -3000. Of course, there is still noise and lower image detail than high-end 1080P webcams. However, the final result is quite acceptable and Cinema HD presents itself as a powerful and practical product for conducting video conversations. With a bit of camaraderie, this webcam can also be introduced as a cheap solution for video streaming. However, for the mentioned user, it is strongly recommended to look for a more professional option with 1080P resolution.

Perhaps the main disappointing feature of Lifecam Cinema is its HD resolution. This webcam has the ability to record clips with a resolution of 1280 x 720 at a maximum rate of 30 frames per second. However, for many users, this resolution will be sufficient. Of course, on the other side, the Cinema HD microphone performs very well. A clear sound with proper removal of ambient noise means that you don’t need to use a separate microphone to send a clear sound.


Microsoft Lifecam series webcams are among the most attractive and high-quality options available in the market. are that due to their easy use, they can be called as a strong competitor for Logitech products. Lifecam HD-3000 is a cost-effective and economical product, which is a good choice for common uses such as personal video calls, thanks to its basic design, simple and beautiful appearance, and acceptable performance. On the other hand, the Cinema HD webcam can be used for video streaming in addition to video calls, thanks to more advanced features such as autofocus and a high-quality lens.

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