MacBook Pro 2018; Release date, price and possible specifications

MacBook Pro 2018; Release date, price and possible specifications

MacBook Pro 2018; Release date, price and possible specifications

News of the MacBook Pro product line update on June 17, 2016 (June 7, 2017) at the WWDC event 2017 was officially announced. To be precise, Apple 8 months after the launch of the Touch Bar version of the MacBook Pro in October 2016, at WWDC 2017, it introduced its laptop to a powerful processor Kabi Lake Intel equipped. Follow EMGblog to know the price, specifications and possible new changes of MacBook Pro 2018.

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In November 2017, Jony Ive, as the chief designer of Apple, accepted all the flaws and criticisms made on MacBook models and expressed awareness did Jony Ive’s comments at an event called The Future of Design in Washington were published in Smithsonian magazine. According to Jony Ive’s statement, it is expected that Apple will focus on fixing the defects of MacBook Pro 2018. For example, it is very likely that the 15-inch MacBook Pro will be equipped with a six-core processor. To learn more about MacBook Pro 2017, you can refer to the article “Review of Apple MacBook Pro 13 Model 2017”. And at the same time as the keynote speech at WWDC 2018, it will unveil its new MacBook Pro. We might not see too many big changes in the 2018 MacBook Pro update; But the opinion of Johnny Io should also be considered.

According to Digitimes news sources, Apple does not have any exciting plans for its MacBooks this year. has not taken Also, according to these news sources, Apple currently produces most of its MacBooks in the Foxconn factory. Apple’s goal is to mass-produce the current MacBook computer models at Foxconn.

According to informed news sources, this is because Apple has not made any major hardware or appearance upgrades to the line since the new MacBook Pro was released in 2016. It has not been in production and has no plans for 2018. Major US vendors are planning to shift orders to models being mass-produced at Foxconn to save costs and reduce potential risks.

Design MacBook Pro 2018

If Apple makes any major changes to the MacBook Pro 2016, it will undoubtedly surprise; However, it may be limited to offering models with more color options.

Currently Apple MacBook Pro series mobile computer in two colors silver and gray Space can be ordered. The MacBook series is available in gold and rose gold colors. There is a possibility that MacBook Pro will be released in gold color this year; But our prediction is that Apple will keep the gold color as an option for laptops for ordinary consumers and will continue to offer professional MacBook Pro models in silver and space gray colors, which are more compatible with the business environment in terms of appearance. .

Macbook Pro 2018 display

Current MacBook Pro models are equipped with an amazing 2880 x 1800 pixel display in the 15.4-inch model and a 2560 x 1600 pixel display in the 13.3-inch model. are inches. According to the mentioned specifications, the possibility of increasing the number of pixels of the 15-inch MacBook Pro screen and presenting a 4K display is not out of mind; Similar to what companies such as Dell, HP and Asus have done. Apple has always been a perfectionist and moves slower than competitors; But it does its job with very high accuracy and quality.

MacBook Pros manufactured in 2016 and 2017 are capable of providing the full DCI P3 color space used in digital cinema output for movies. Below you can see the translation of the digital art text related to the performance results of the MacBook Pro screen.

Adobe RGB color space is used Capturing in software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro is really important. As usual, MacBook Pro is a little lacking in this color space; Of course, this deficiency is negligible compared to other competitors. According to tests performed by the DataColor Spyder5Elite colorimeter, the MacBook Pro’s Retina display is capable of rendering 91% of the Adobe RGB color space. For example, when testing competing samples with the same colorimeter, Dell’s Precision 5510 laptop and Wacom’s MobileStudio Pro pen-based computer are capable of providing a color gamut of 91 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. However, fewer laptops are capable of providing 91% of the Adobe RGB color space. Currently, many users want a significant improvement in the presentation of the Adobe RGB color space of MacBook Pro 2018.

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One of the other desirable features that Apple should add to the MacBook Pro is the ability to touch the screen. That will make the situation more competitive. Some users agree with this and others completely disagree. Steve Jobs did not consider the use of a touch screen to be a good idea because of causing complications or pain in the user’s arm; But according to the experience of professional users and surveys, touching a screen in a situation where space is limited is much easier than moving the mouse and touching the keyboard keys. In professional and even semi-professional topics, laptops and tablets have completely different uses; So there is no need to have a touch screen in the laptop. With this in mind, Apple may have special solutions in mind to solve this issue. According to the news source OSnews, Apple is looking for a solution that can offer users the iPad Pro instead of the Mac computer with a design similar to the Wacom Cintiq device.

2018 MacBook Pro processor

Most likely, the next generation of Apple’s MacBook Pro will be equipped with a Coffee Lake Intel processor; Therefore, in the end, the processor of the 13-inch MacBook Pro model will be upgraded from 2 cores to 4 processing cores. Currently, only the 15-inch MacBook Pro model is available with a 4-core processor.

In addition, the new Intel Core i9 processor can add 6 processing cores with a 12-thread configuration (thread) to the MacBook Pro line. bring. Coffee Lake family of Intel processors have 30% better performance than Kaby Lake processors. Due to the improved performance and reduced energy consumption of the Coffee Lake series processors, we should see an increase in battery life in the new MacBook Pro models. Also, due to the new processor’s full support for LPDDR4 memory, it will be possible to use 32 GB of RAM in MacBook Pro.

may be used in the future To be from the processor of other companies in MacBook Pro and to stay away from Intel chips. But due to the fact that Apple was forced to rewrite its proprietary operating system in 2006 due to the use of Intel-made processors, it is very unlikely to switch to the use of processors from other companies. Perhaps the most likely idea is to design a dedicated central processor by Apple, which will forever eliminate the dependence on other companies. As you know, Apple has specially designed the touch bar chip of MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017 called T1 and the T2 chip used in iMac Pro.

Processor designed by Apple

This happened while a report from Bloomberg in February 2017 indicated that the new MacBook Pro will be equipped with Apple’s proprietary chip to manage It anticipated simple tasks such as sending email and updating the laptop in sleep mode. Gorman has stated in this regard:

The chip developed in 2016 is similar to the chip used in Apple’s latest MacBook Pro to manage and empower the touch bar keyboard feature, and the part The upgrade of this chip with the internal code number T310 controls and manages some of the computer’s low-power mode capabilities.

Actually, Apple is able to reduce battery consumption by building a dedicated low-power processor. Macbook Pro has become. Therefore, the unveiling of the new MacBook Pro equipped with Apple’s proprietary chip to manage and improve computer performance in energy consumption is very likely during the WWDC conference.

According to another Bloomberg report published in January 2018, Apple in It is currently developing more examples of its co-processors such as T1 and T2. The report claims that the new chip will be used in a Mac desktop computer and an updated Mac laptop; But the type of laptop is still unknown.

Macbook Pro 2018 RAM

As mentioned earlier, the next generation MacBook Pro is expected to be equipped with 32GB of RAM in the expensive model. Currently, by default, all 13-inch models with 8 GB of RAM memory are available to buyers; However, it is also possible to order a special model with 16 GB of RAM. The 15-inch MacBook Pro model comes standard with 16 GB of RAM for customers.

Many professional users want 32 GB of RAM in MacBook Pro computer. are. For example, editors have an urgent need for this amount of RAM. Following the protest of professional users about the low RAM capacity of MacBook Pro, Phil Schiller stated in defense of this issue that the use of more RAM requires a high-consuming memory controller and is harmful to the battery life of a portable device. On the other hand, supporting 32 GB RAM memory requires DDR memory, which will not have low energy consumption. Also, to benefit from such RAM memory, a different printed circuit board must be designed, which may reduce the space required for the battery. Both of the mentioned cases will reduce the battery life of the device.

The main problem in this field is related to the central processor. The current processors used in the MacBook Pro support a maximum of 16 GB LPDDR3 RAM memory at a working frequency of 2133 MHz. There are processors that are capable of addressing more than 16 GB of RAM; But they require less efficient DDR4 RAM and are typically used in desktop computers; Because these computers are permanently connected to the city electricity. Obviously, in this matter, Apple will prevent the reduction of the charging life of its laptops.

Although objections have been raised to have 32GB of RAM in MacBook Pro is so that Apple may reconsider this; But it does not mean that the upgrade of RAM memory is close in terms of time. Even upgrading the MacBook Pro processor to the Kaby Lake series could not increase the RAM memory of the MacBook Pro and break the spell. The Kaby Lake processor is not capable of supporting LPDDR4 RAM memory, and it is not expected that Apple will design and engineer a new RAM memory controller in the near future. It is not expected that we will soon see the release of a processor from Intel that supports LPDDR4 RAM memory.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo, as an Apple analyst, predicted that Apple would produce the MacBook Pro in the fourth quarter of 2017. 15-inch equipped with 32 GB of RAM will start. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will equip its new MacBook Pro with desktop RAM memory. Therefore, we may see the unveiling of MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM early this year.

It is reminded that the Dell Precision 5520 laptop is completely compatible with MacBook Pro is comparable and its buyers can order a version with 32 GB of RAM memory. RAM memory to avoid reducing its charging life, we should expect to improve the charging rate in the new MacBook Pro. But the possible increase in the amount of RAM memory and the change in the design of the printed circuit board cause a little concern about the battery life of the MacBook Pro 2018. There are two solutions to prevent this concern in front of Apple. Apple can increase the capacity and size of the MacBook Pro battery or design and manage its hardware in a way to reduce the consumption of the device. In the second method, Apple must design and produce a device at a very professional level. The new Cannon Lake chip can significantly help reduce the energy consumption of the new MacBook Pro.

Graphic processor of MacBook Pro 2018

The graphics processor of Apple MacBook Pro laptops are different depending on the 13-inch and 15-inch models. Currently, the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2017 model is available to buyers with two graphics processors (GPUs) Radeon Pro 555 and Radeon Pro 560, which replaced the Radeon Pro 455 GPU of the MacBook Pro 2016. It is expected that this year we will see a similar process in upgrading the MacBook Pro graphics processor. Will it take a load? In response to this question, we must state that if Apple does not use its OLED touch-sensitive strip in the upper part of the keyboard of other Mac products, it will indicate that it is not popular.

The presence of the touch bar on top of the keyboard and its use in software such as Photoshop, Safari and Apple Messenger are amazing. The reason Apple no longer equips its Mac computers with Touch Bar is because software developers do not support it.

MacBook Pro 2018 Keyboard

According to reports, the MacBook Pro keyboard is vulnerable. And it breaks easily. In addition, dust can cause keyboard buttons to malfunction and force the user to replace the front part. We hope that Apple will solve the mentioned problems in the new MacBook Pro generation.

Port of MacBook Pro 2018

at the time of unveiling of MacBook Pro In 2017, users saw the disappearance of many familiar ports and their replacement by Thunderbolt 3-based USB Type-C port. The 3.5 mm headphone jack remained on the MacBook Pro even though it was removed from the iPhone. Will the headphone audio jack remain in the MacBook Pro 2018? Although this possibility is not far from mind; But in the future, Apple can replace it with a Lightning port or other USB Type-C ports compatible with Thunderbolt 3.

Another possibility is that Apple can Reduce the printed circuit board of the MacBook Pro in order to add more ports. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may be looking to integrate faster and more versatile logic circuits into the MacBook design. This can increase more free space in the laptop and make it possible to use various ports such as USB 3.2 and other input and output ports in the Apple MacBook Pro 2018.

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