LetB Color clock; A widely used and creative product with a modern look

LetB Color clock; A widely used and creative product with a modern look

LetB Color clock; A widely used and creative product with a modern look

LetB Color watch, which looks simple in appearance, is a very complex and functional product that its manufacturer introduced in Kickstarter, plans to attract the necessary funds for its mass production. The maker of Letter Based Clock has said that this modern clock is going to be made in black and white colors.

LetB Color is designed in such a way that it can read the time for you and you as the user can determine that this clock, how and how often to do it. Therefore, not only is it easy to read the time from this work clock, but it is also possible to know the time without looking at the clock itself.

This watch from It uses RGB backlighting, which means you can D. Change its background color as you like with the help of its special mobile application.

It should be said that the mentioned watch is going to be available in two versions; The first version, called LetB, is for users who love simple designs. That’s why LetB is made of a simple watch with a white backlight.

The second version, called LetB Color, according to its manufacturer, is for those who are looking for products that incorporate innovative technologies. to display in a simple way; The second version includes the following:

  • Automatic light adjustment to adjust the background light based on the amount of ambient light.
  • Possibility to change background color for different tastes; Users can also set the color change to automatic so that the color of the background light changes over time.
  • Reading the time by the clock with a pleasant sound.
  • mobile application that connects to the watch using Bluetooth 4.0 and allows you to change the screen brightness, set the alarm and… .
  • Existence of alarms.

It should be said that both versions use the Real Time Clock module and their software for maximum accuracy. It can be updated.

The manufacturer of this watch has promised that if the target fund (10 thousand pounds) is attracted, everyone who bought one of the two versions of this watch will get this It is possible to get your watch customized and with special engraving. This engraving is supposed to be placed on the back of the watch and can be anything you can think of; From a simple sentence to a small photo.

The designer and manufacturer of LetB Color Clock said:

Enthusiasm for the world of technology and love for modern design, made me think of making this watch falls To make the final product, I worked for months to get the best result.

What do you think about this watch? Do you think the creativity used in it can persuade people to buy? Share your views with Zomit and other users.

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