Issuing an official indictment against Google’s monopoly in the Internet search industry

Issuing an official indictment against Google’s monopoly in the Internet search industry

Issuing an official indictment against Google’s monopoly in the Internet search industry

News unit The US Department of Justice after a one-year investigation about The performance of Google, on October 20, 2020 (October 29, 2019 ) filed an indictment against the search giant Issued. In this text, Google is accused of illegally maintaining a monopoly in the market of public search services and advertising based on these services in the United States. Citing the second section of the Sherman Act, which specifically deals with monopolies, this lawsuit seeks to condemn Google to compensate the damages caused to competitors due to the company’s performance in recent years; Compensation that, if the claimant wins the case, will include things such as financial fines, handing over parts of the business, changing work procedures, or all of these things.

Despite long and repeated investigations over the past years, this indictment is actually the first serious legal challenge Google is from American regulators. Although a similar attempt was made in 2012 to take the company to court to answer for anti-competitive practices and ultimately failed; Because the opponents of Google’s procedure at that time were not sure of the possibility of their victory.

Now this petition has been filed by the Republican Attorneys General in the states of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina and Texas, which of course only applies to Google search advertising. It is centralized and does not include other business segments of the American super company.

In this petition, the current conditions of the search market and the position of the companies active in it are mentioned first. According to the editors of this text, today most smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops are equipped with search engines, and among them, internet searches on mobile devices have brought the most revenue to companies in the last ten years. This is despite the fact that the Google search engine is available to the user by default in most devices, and most consumers prefer using this tool to the difficulty of changing the default mode. This is how the Google search engine has become an integral part of mobile devices and naturally the income from it also flows into the pockets of the company’s shareholders.

The petition published on such a basis to try Google maintains this monopoly and makes it the default search engine by paying billions of dollars to its business partners, including Apple, LG,

This petition has been presented in a situation where Google faced a similar complaint from the European Commission last year and was accused of abusing its dominant position to limit the display of competitors’ ads to search service users. Following this complaint, the American company was sentenced to pay a fine of 1.49 billion euros. Earlier in 2018, the same commission imposed a fine of 4.3 billion euros to force developers to use Chrome and Google’s search engine as default applications.

Google’s initial response on Twitter indicates that the issued indictment has serious flaws. Because users’ use of Google search services is based on their own choice and not forced from outside. This company hours later in an official statement on the Google blog Published Once again, while emphasizing the freedom of users to choose Google, he considered things like coercion or the lack of alternatives for Google to be ineffective in this regard.

Of course, Google It is not the only company that uses non-competitive methods in today’s industry, and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing have also placed their search engines in the Safari browser by paying money to Apple. In addition, Microsoft also using its ability to provide a browser Microsoft Edge offers the Bing search engine by default on Windows PCs.

Historically, the history of legal efforts to deal with monopolies in industries related to information technology goes back to about 20 years ago; When a lawsuit was issued by the United States judicial system against Microsoft and condemned the company’s attempt to make it difficult for rival browsers to compete with Internet Explorer.

But in the absence of court rulings and detailed laws, companies like Google have continued with their anti-competitive strategy and by paralyzing the competitive environment, limiting consumer options. and preventing innovation, have maintained their dominant position in this market. This American super company is currently the gateway to the Internet for billions of users around the world, and as a result, a huge number of advertisers are forced to turn to Google search ads. American consumers also do not shy away from accepting Google’s policies in areas such as privacy and the use of personal data. In addition, new companies, with new business models, will not be able to get rid of the control of this company and open their own way in this exclusive market. These conditions have led the legislators and law enforcement in the United States to the conclusion that in order to protect the interests of large groups of American people, it is time for Google’s monopolistic policies to face a serious reaction and be effectively controlled. A reaction that, if successful, will most likely take the lap of other large and exclusive companies.

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